Camellia Oil 100%, a Favorite of Japanese Women. It Moisturizes and Revitalizes Your Skin!

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The major compositions include unsaturated fatty acid and oleic acid, which help to reduce cholesterol in human blood. Fatty acid also comprises a large part of human sebum, so the oil is ideal for skin care. Besides culinary use, camellia oil can moisture skin and hair, and thus has long been a favorite of Japanese women.

The materials for producing camellia oil are mainly from Izu Oshima in Tokyo, and some others are from the Goto Islands. Izu Oshima is rich in Japanese camellia and the Camellia Oil 100% produced from such camellia there is appraised as one of the "best and safest cosmetics selected by Japanese women". In dry seasons, the oil are especially popular with Japanese girls.

Camellia oil is easy to use. You may take a little camellia oil, apply it to your hair after a bath or to your skin immediately after your make-up is removed. It should be noted that to apply too much is not advisable. The following are the directions.


Add 2 to 3 drops to one cup of water, gently apply the water to your hair after shampooing, rinse your hair 2 to 3 minutes later and then dry your hair.

Intensive conditioning
Wait until your hair is half dry after shampooing, drip several drops or apply them to your hair evenly, and then dry your hair.

Massage of scalp
Drip several drops on your scalp before washing your hair, massage your scalp gently, cover your head with a wet towel for around 10 minutes, flush your hair with warm water and then dry your hair.


Drip several drops on your hand, massage your face gently, and cover your face with a wet towel for around 10 minutes. Finally wipe your face with a towel. It is a useful facial cleanser and moisturizer.


It can be used as a common hand cream.
It can also be used as a shower gel. Drip several drops in the bath and take a bath immediately before going to bed. This is an effective method to nourish your skin.

The day after your applying camellia, you will find your hair glossy and your skin smooth & moist. All natural and additive free camellia oil causes no harm to your body and enhances your beauty. Let’s have a try!

Camellia oil is available over cosmetic counters or in drugstores in Japan.
Please do not forget to buy a bottle when you come to Japan!