If you're looking for high-quality jewelry in Ginza, go to Lupinus Ginza. It is offering a 35 percent discount for a limited time!

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Ginza, Tokyo, is an area famous for its many high-quality shops and restaurants. It is no exaggeration to say that most of Japan's highest-grade products can be purchased in Ginza.

That applies to fashion as well, of course. Because the area is lined with shops featuring not only Japanese top brands, but those from all over the world, we are certain you will be able to find something you like. And to complete your look, the right jewelry will be essential.

If you would like to buy the highest quality jewels and precious metals in Ginza, but at a quality price, be sure to visit Lupinus Ginza. It is operated by the mining company Chugai Mining Co.,Ltd., and through this mining business it has built strong ties with many jewelry manufacturers over the years. That's why it is able to sell diamonds and other jewelry at reasorable price for everyone. Because this store has an exhaustive knowledge of every detail of this business, it is quite trustworthy. And of course it is duty-free as well.

Actually, Lupinus Ginza is putting on an early summer sale with great bargains. If you show the staff a copy of the paper version of this publication, “Good Luck Trip Tokyo,” or this app, you will be given a 35 percent discount on all merchandise! You can get a copy of the paper version of “Good Luck Trip Tokyo” at the train stations and tourist information desks of airports for free.

• This 35 percent off sale will be over at the end of July 2015.
• It cannot be used in combination with other discounts. It can be used for duty-free shopping.
• Take advantage of the offer as many times as you like while it is in effect.

▼ The paper version of this publication, "Good Luck Trip Tokyo"

Lupinus Ginza is a short walk from the B6 exit of Tokyo Metro's Ginza Station. It is also fairly close to Sukiyabashi Intersection, so it is easy-to-go. When shopping or dining in Ginza, by all means stop by Lupinus Ginza. You just may find a piece of jewelry that will become a lifelong friend.
The other Lupinus location is having a similar sale and it is a minute's walk from Japan Rail's Okachimachi Station.

【Lupinus Ginza】

Address:1F, Nishigo Bldg., 5-4-15, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

【Lupinus Ginza Head Quarter】

Address:Chugaikogyo Bldg., 5-22-4, Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo