Jewelry Aria is a trusted, duty-free, second-hand-jewelry shop. Read on to learn about a 10 percent off coupon!

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When purchasing brand-name goods, precious metals, jewelry or the like, the higher-priced the item the more important it is to trust the store. Of course, there is no problem if the store is directly managed by the brand-name manufacturer, but in the case of second-hand jewelry shops offering more reasonable prices, trusting the store becomes more important.

That's why we'd like to tell you about Recycle King. Founded in 1991, it already has 24 years of history behind it. It has approximately 150 locations not just in Japan, but also in Taiwan and Hong Kong. This accomplishment is an expression of the trust customers place in it. Of course the products are also outstanding. Recycle King offers, at bargain prices, jewelry, brand handbags, accessories and more purchased at stores throughout Japan. Much of its jewelry consists of refurbished, like-new items, and it offers a wide variety of brand items ranging from new to rare. Of course the stores are duty-free.

Eight of those approximately 150 shops are called Jewelry Aria and are sister stores to Recycle King. There are Jewelry Aria shops in Tokyo's Ueno and Nakano, as well as in Yokohama, but also in front of many stations for easy access. Jewelry Aria stores also sell jewelry and brand goods duty free. It goes without saying that they have the same plentiful selection and high quality as Recycle King.

In this article we want to let you know about a bargain available at Jewelry Aria. If you present the coupon below, you can get an additional 10 percent off on the high-quality, low-cost jewelry. When you combine that with the 8 percent you save from it being duty-free, it comes to 18 percent off! (If you are reading this article in an app, tap the button to the right of the headline to bookmark it. Conveniently, the list of bookmarks displayed by sliding from the left side can be shown offline also.))

Brand items are 3 percent off.
The offer is not valid for some products.

All purchasers will also receive an original jewelry cloth as a gift!

Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity for savings and find something you like!

【Jewelry Aria Ueno Store】

Address:4-2-2, Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo

【Jewelry Aria Nakano Store】

Address:5-67-11, Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo

【Recycle King Narita Store】

Address:1F, AEON MALL Narita, 24, Wing Tsuchiya, Narita City, Chiba