Enjoy your stay in Japan with coromo, an app that automatically distributes discount coupons!

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Information gathering is vital when you go travelling! It can be said, depending on how much information you gather, your holiday becomes more fun or not. Now, there may be some people, who are being confused with too many different information website providing information on holidays to Japan. We would like to introduce to such people an app called “coromo”.

Coromo is filled with discount coupons that can be used while staying in Japan and great shopping information! In addition, because some coupons are offered only via coromo, those who have installed the app will be able to enjoy Japan more than anyone else. Good thing about the app is you don’t need to start searching articles you need, because the app automatically finds them that are related to where you are now or that are accessible distance to where you are, and it distributes the articles to you. Event and tourist information are also delivered.

The app can be downloaded onto both iPhone and Android. Do not forget to get the app if you decide to visit to Japan!