AEON NARITA is recommended to foreign tourists to/from Narita Airport, who will head to the Tokyo Metropolitan area or who are on their way home! 【cooperated by AEON_ Narita Area edition】

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AEON Group has approx. 600 general merchandise stores Japan (as of 2014). The group offers privileges to foreign tourists, not only tax-free (8%) shopping but also something like the current special campaign, which gives them 5% discount off their shopping using special coupon (Available only at AEON directly-managed stores. We will explain later how the coupon works). This serial article introduces stores of AEON Group all over Japan, along with the attractions in the surrounding areas. Today, we would like to introduce AEON NARITA.

▼AEON NARITA is very close to the airport and convenient for those who have just arrived in Japan or for the last-minute shopping!

Many foreign tourists head to the Tokyo Metropolitan area by train from Narita Airport after their arrival. Why not stopping at AEON MALL NARITA, if you have time before checking-in to your hotel or have no plan to go to any tourist spots on the first day.

▼ Narita Area MAP

You can access to AEON MALL NARITA using a direct shuttle bus service departing at JR Narita Airport Terminal 2 Station. It takes about 25 minutes from the airport.

▼ Time table for JR Narita Airport Terminal 2 Station (as in May 2015)

Fare: One-way ¥250, ¥130

Or you can stop at AEON MALL NARITA for the last-minute shopping before heading home. You should be able to find souvenirs that you are looking for.

Another route you can go is to visit Naritasan Shinshoji Temple, located near Narita Airport, before going to AEON MALL NARITA. This over 1,000 year-old historical temple has the second most number of Hatsumode visitors (Hatsumode is one of Japanese traditions, in which people visits a shrine or temple on New Year’s Day to pray for a safe and healthy year). They have many things to see as there are many old/new constructions around the area. The streets towards the temple have a great Japanese atmosphere as they go through old townscapes.

▼ Naritasan Shinshoji Temple

Address:1, Narita, Narita City, Chiba
Access:Catch a train of JR Narita Line at Narita Airport Terminal 2 Station. Get off the train at JR Narita Station after 15-minute trip and then walk for 10 minutes.

To head to AEON MALL NARITA after sightseeing at Naritasan Shinshoji Temple, go back to Keisei Narita Station to take a direct-route bus that departs approx. every 15 minutes. You can also go to AEON MALL NARITA before visiting Naritasan Shinshoji Temple.

▼ Time table for Keisei Narita Station (as in May 2015)

Fare: One-way ¥210, ¥110

You can also access to AEON MALL NARITA by a Circle Bus, which circulates the Narita town stopping and hotels near the airport. There are eight services available per day.

▼ Route for Circle Bus Departing from Major Hotels, etc.

▼ Time table for Circle Bus Departing from Major Hotels, etc. (as in May 2015)

Fare: One-way ¥210, ¥110

▼ The attractions of AEON NARITA, located in AEON MALL NARITA!

Having approx. 120 tenants, AEON MALL NARITA is the most popular shopping mall among overseas tourists. The mall has a shopping center AEON NARITA, which has a variety of items including food, medicines, cosmetics, clothes, daily goods, etc.

The service counter helps customers for tax-free shopping. Shopping at AEON is convenient yet reasonable!

Bento boxes and side dishes are popular, too! Deep-fried food is especially recommended. You can either take out these foods to your hotel, or simply eat at the store before heading to the Metropolitan area.

Even if you realize that you forget to buy souvenirs before going back to your country, that’s no problem! It is not too much to say that AEON NARITA has everything you want including cosmetics, sweets, etc.

For your information, below is the top 5 list of the most popular goods at AEON NARITA. You would be better off just buying some of them if you don’t know what to buy for souvenirs.

Address:24, Wing Tsuchiya, Narita City, Chiba
Business hours:Food floors: 7:00-23:00 / Other floors: 9:00-22:00
Credit cards accepted:AEON CARD, Visa, JCB, Master, UC, Diners, American Express and UnionPay
Service for foreign visitors: Tax-free, ATM cashing for Japanese Yen, Currency exchange, Free Wi-Fi, 5% OFF

▼ 5% Discount Coupon that can be used on top of tax-free shopping!

Such a great shopping place as AEON is now giving a 5% discount coupon called HAPPY COUPON exclusively to overseas tourists!
This special coupon allows you to shop at not only the stores introduced in this article but also many stores in AEON with an amazing 5% discount off the prices!
The coupon can be used together with tax-free shopping (8%), so don’t miss the chance to be a smart shopper in a convenient way!

▼ How to use “HAPPY COUPON”

(1)Click the link below!

(2)Click on GET 5% off COUPON to open another window.

(3)Please store the barcode displayed on another window, or bookmark the URL so you can open the page immediately when needed.

(4)Scan the barcode with a coupon-issuing machine at the store in order to issue the coupon. You will receive 5% discount off the total of your shopping at a casher by showing the coupon.