Are you interested in going shopping at inexpensive HAC Drug Asakusa ROX・3G Store and My Basket after sightseeing Senso-ji? 【Cooperated by AEON_ Asakusa Area edition】

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Including approx. 600 general merchandise stores throughout the nation (as of 2014), AEON Group offers various types of shops. This serial article introduces stores of AEON Group all over Japan, along with the attractions in the surrounding areas. Today, we would like to introduce HAC Drug Asakusa ROX・3G Store and My Basket Kaminarimon 2-chome Store.

▼ Asakusa – a place where you can enjoy both Japanese history and modernization

Asakusa area is an accumulation of touristic spots including Senso-ji and Kaminarimon which has a history of over 1,300 years, family friendly Ueno Zoo, etc. You can also reach the current trendy spot of Tokyo Skytree by extending your trip from the area. Asakusa is a town of a harmonization of Japanese history and modernization.

▼ Asakusa Area MAP

▼ Asakusa – a place where you can enjoy both Japanese history and modernization
Kaminarimon can be called the landmark of Asakusa. It has been said that Kaminarimon was built over 1,000 years ago by a busho (a high ranked samurai) to wish peace and a rich harvest. The appearance of this huge lantern is very powerful as the dimensions are Height: 3.9m x Diameter: 3.3m x Weight: approx. 700kg. This is a great sightseeing photo spot.

After passing the gigantic gate, you are led to a shopping arcade called Nakamise-dori. The approx. 250-meter arcade, with long-established eating houses and souvenirs standing along it, is always crowded with many people.

You will see temples and towers while walking along Nakamise-dori. In fact, Senso-ji, the oldest temple in the Tokyo metropolitan area, refers to the whole area including Kaminarimon and other temples. The buildings are lit up at night to create fantastic appearances (the light up finishes at 11PM).

Address:2-3-1 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo

From Haneda Airport, an Airport Limited Express train bound for Narita Airport is available at Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal Station of Keihin Airport Line. Get off the train at Asakusa Station of Keihin Airport Line, and it is about a five-minute walk from the station.

The recent popular tourist spot is Tokyo Skytree, the world's tallest freestanding broadcasting tower with a height of 634 meters that was completed in May 2012. From the lookout points at the height of 350m and 450m, you can view not only Tokyo but the whole Kanto area. There are Sumida Aquarium, at which penguins and fur seals welcome you, a planetarium and business facility Tokyo Solamachi in the surrounding area.

Address:1-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

To access to Tokyo Skytree from Haneda Airport, catch a Limited Express train bound for Narita Airport at Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal Station of Keihin Airport Line, and get off the train at Oshiage Station (Skytree-mae Station). The Skytree is close to the station. It is also close to Asakusa Station near Senso-ji, so you can visit both places.

▼ For a quick shopping during sightseeing – visit My Basket

We understand that many foreign tourists visiting Japan wish to shop at local stores, not souvenir shops with ‘tourist’ prices. Now let us introduce to you My Basket, an urban style small supermarket that has many things from fresh food to daily goods at reasonable prices. The store is close to Senso-ji, so you can buy lunch boxes, snacks, etc. to eat at your hotel. The store is conveniently open between early morning and midnight.

【My Basket Kaminarimon 2-chome Store】
Address:2-4-9 Meiyu Bldg, Kaminarimon, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Business hours:7:00-24:00
Credit cards accepted:AEON CARD, Visa, JCB, Master, UC, Diners and American Express
Service for foreign visitors: ATM cashing for Japanese Yen

▼ Recommendations at My Basket

▼ HAC Drug Asakusa ROX・3G Store, a drugstore that has a range of goods from medicines to cosmetics and healthy food.

Medicines and cosmetics, which are popular as souvenirs, can also be purchased near Senso-ji. The Store, HAC Drug Asakusa ROX・3G Store, is located on the second floor of popular shopping spot ROX / 3G. Tax-free is available. You will find many goods for yourself and for souvenirs. Moreover, a current special offer will give you sample goods when you show our app “GOOD LUCK TRIP JAPAN”. You can enjoy shopping with more satisfaction.

【HAC Drug Asakusa ROX・3G Store】
Address:1-26-5 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Business hours:10:30-21:00
Credit cards accepted:AEON CARD, Visa, JCB, Master, UC, Diners, American Express and UnionPay
Service for foreign visitors:Tax-free

Shops at tourist spots are interesting. They are not the same AEON stores that are for everyday shopping, here you can enjoy smart shopping!