When sightseeing at the 'power center' Nikko, why not stop by AEON IMAICHI, a convenient place to shop? 【Cooperated by AEON_ Nikko Area edition】

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AEON Group has approx. 600 general merchandise stores Japan (as of 2014). The group offers privileges to foreign tourists, not only tax-free (8%) shopping but also something like the current special campaign, which gives them 5% discount off their shopping using special coupon (Available only at AEON directly-managed stores. We will explain later how the coupon works). This serial article introduces stores of AEON Group all over Japan, along with the attractions in the surrounding areas. Today, we would like to talk about the AEON IMAICHI, which is close to Nikko.

▼ The "power center" Nikko is a patchwork of abundant nature and historical and cultural heritage

Nikko has been known as a center of spiritual energy since the samurai days, and because the Nikko Toshogu Shrine was created there some 400 years ago, it bustles with foreign tourists and visitors to the shrine. To travel from Tokyo Station to Nikko Station, take the Tohoku Shinkansen to Utsunomiya Station, which takes about an hour, then transfer to the JR Nikko Line, and you will arrive approximately 40 minutes later. There are also trains that will take you directly to Tobu-Nikko Station on the Tobu Nikko Line without transfers from Shinjuku Station and Asakusa Station. Day trips from Tokyo are no problem with this distance.

▼ Nikko Area MAP

▼ Tokugawa Ieyasu, the Shogun who was active some 400 years ago, is enshrined at Nikko Toshogu Shrine.

▼ The many wood-carved monkeys are a highlight of Nikko Toshogu Shrine.

Address:2301 Yamauchi, Nikko City, Tochigi

Also famous are Kegon Falls, and Iroha-zaka Slope, a street encountered when heading for Kegon Falls from JR Nikko Station or Tobu-Nikko Station.

▼ The Kegon Falls, which powerfully drop down a steep, 97-meter cliff.

Address:2479-2 Chugushi, Nikko City, Tochigi

▼ Iroha-zaka Slope is a place where visitors can enjoy the changing autumn leaves from mid to late October from inside their cars.

Address:Hosoo, Nikko City, Tochigi

As you can see, Nikko has many sightseeing spots with appealing traditional temples, natural beauty and the like. Many people tend to think they have to return to the city center to enjoy shopping and dining, but these things can be done at AEON IMAICHI, which is replete with various shops and located nearby the next station over. This store can be reached by taxi from the following stations: JR Imaichi Station, seven minutes from JR Nikko Station via a train headed toward Utsunomiya; Shimo-imaichi Station on the Tobu Nikko Line, nine minutes from Tobu-Nikko Station on the same line on a train headed toward Shin-Tochigi.

▼ Presenting the charms of AEON IMAICHI!

AEON Imaichi store is a comprehensive shopping center with a wide variety of offerings including food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, clothing and household goods. Another great thing about this store is you can buy local specialties there. The in-season fruit picked in the suburbs may be more reasonable than that sold in Tokyo department stores.

Also popular are tofu skins, made by heating soy milk, which in turn is made from nutritious soybeans; Japanese-style sweets; tamari-zuke, unusual pickled vegetables made using soy sauce; and other local specialties.

And it's also great that it has such well-supplied pharmaceutical, health care and beauty care sections.

Address:79-1 Toyota, Nikko City, Tochigi
Business hours:1F Food floor: 7:00-23:00 / 1F Other floor and 2F: 9:00-21:00
Credit cards accepted:AEON CARD, Visa, JCB, Master, UC, Diners, American Express and UnionPay
Service for foreign visitors:Tax-free, ATM cashing for Japanese Yen, 5% OFF

With Nikko tourism, it seems no amount of time is enough. If you can get your gift shopping done at AEON IMAICHI store, you should be able to save some time!

▼ 5% Discount Coupon that can be used on top of tax-free shopping!

Such a great shopping place as AEON is now giving a 5% discount coupon called HAPPY COUPON exclusively to overseas tourists!
This special coupon allows you to shop at not only the stores introduced in this article but also many stores in AEON with an amazing 5% discount off the prices!
The coupon can be used together with tax-free shopping (8%), so don’t miss the chance to be a smart shopper in a convenient way!

▼ How to use “HAPPY COUPON”

(1)Click the link below!

(2)Click on GET 5% off COUPON to open another window.

(3)Please store the barcode displayed on another window, or bookmark the URL so you can open the page immediately when needed.

(4)Scan the barcode with a coupon-issuing machine at the store in order to issue the coupon. You will receive 5% discount off the total of your shopping at a casher by showing the coupon.