Kyoto retains the beautiful streetscapes of an ancient capital. Make the most of Aeon stores between your excursions there! 【Cooperated by AEON_ Kyoto Area edition】

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AEON Group has approx. 600 general merchandise stores Japan (as of 2014). The group offers privileges to foreign tourists, not only tax-free (8%) shopping but also something like the current special campaign, which gives them 5% discount off their shopping using special coupon (Available only at AEON directly-managed stores. We will explain later how the coupon works). This serial article introduces stores of AEON Group all over Japan, along with the attractions in the surrounding areas. In this article, we will talk about such locations as AEON KYOTO GOJO and AEON KYOTO KATSURAGAWA, which are located in Kyoto, one of Japan's leading tourist destinations.

▼Kyoto, where visitors can experience Japanese culture handed down from antiquity
The ancient capital of Kyoto is one of the most popular of Japan's tourist destinations in Japan. Home to the former imperial villa Nijo Castle; Kiyomizu Temple, Kinkakuji Temple and many famous temples and shrines; the Gion district; Kyoto Imperial Palace and other famous tourist destinations, Kyoto is visited by an endless stream of tourists from Japan and overseas.

Nijo Castle

Address:541 Nijojo-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto

Kiyomizu Temple

Address:1-294 Kiyomizu, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto

Hanamikoji Street in Gion

Address:Hanamikoji Gion, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto

▼ After experiencing history at the former imperial villa Nijo Castle, head to AEON KYOTO GOJO
The former imperial villa Nijo Castle is located two kilometers north of Kyoto Station. Palaces, gorgeously ornamented gates and magnificent gardens worthy of being called Japanese-style art are arranged on the enormous site. Near this tourist destination is AEON Mall Kyoto Gojo, inside of which is the shopping center AEON KYOTO GOJO.

It is easy to get to them by taking a city bus from Nijo Castle. From the bus stop Nijojo-mae, go to Nishiojioike, then transfer to another bus and go to Nishiojigojo. From there it is a seven minutes' walk. This store is handy for getting a drink or a snack between sightseeing excursions.

Address:25-1 Saiinoiwakecho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto
Business hours:Food floor: 7:00-23:00 / Other floor: 9:00-23:00
Credit cards accepted:AEON CARD, Visa, JCB, Master, UC, Diners, American Express and UnionPay
Service for foreign visitors:Tax-free, ATM cashing for Japanese Yen, Free Wi-Fi, 5% OFF

▼ After visiting the fantasy world of Saihoji Temple, avail yourself of AEON KYOTO KATSURAGAWA
Saihoji Temple is a temple located at the foot of the mountains seven kilometers west of Kyoto Station. It is also known as Koke-dera, which means moss temple. The ground between the trees is splendidly overgrown with moss, and that green carpet creates a fantasy world. Be aware that a reservation is required to see it. AEON KYOTO KATSURAGAWA is nearby Saihoji Temple.

AEON Mall Kyoto Katsuragawa is a shopping mall directly connected to Katsuragawa Station on the JR Kyoto Line. Located inside it is the shopping center AEON KYOTO KATSURAGAWA, which carries a wide variety of items ranging from food to medicine, fashions and daily-use items. It is one train away from Kyoto Station, so it may be a good idea to buy all your gifts and souvenirs there before heading back.

Address:376-1 Kuzetakadacho Minami-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto
Business hours:1F: 8:00-23:00 / 2,3F: 9:00-23:00
Credit cards accepted:AEON CARD, Visa, JCB, Master, UC, Diners, American Express and UnionPay
Service for foreign visitors:Tax-free, ATM cashing for Japanese Yen, Free Wi-Fi, 5% OFF

▼ KOHYO KYOTO, which is near Kyoto Station, the entryway to Kyoto tourism
JR Kyoto Station is about 14 minutes by Shinkansen from JR Shin-Osaka Station, the departure point for sightseeing in Kyoto. Of course there are also a lot of famous tourist destinations near the station. The main ones include the temples Nishi Honganji Temple, Higashi Honganji Temple, Toji Temple and Sanjusangendo. The Aeon store nearby is KOHYO KYOTO.

AEON Mall Kyoto is an Aeon Group shopping mall conveniently located a five minutes' walk from the Hachijo Exit of JR Kyoto Station. The supermarket inside it is KOHYO KYOTO. It has a fine selection of fresh and processed foods, side dishes and snacks. A person will walk quite a distance going around to the scenic and historic spots, so it is a good idea to buy a light meal here before departing. (Note, however, that eating and drinking are not allowed on the premises of many tourism spots and historic remains.)

Address:AEON MALL KYOTO Sakura Hall 1F, 1-11250 Nishikujo Toriiguchicho Minami-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto
Business hours:9:00-22:00
Credit cards accepted:AEON CARD, Visa, JCB, Master, UC, Diners, American Express and UnionPay
Service for foreign visitors:Tax-free, ATM cashing for Japanese Yen

▼ The supermarket KOHYO KITAOJI is handy when visiting Kinkakuji Temple and Ryoanji Temple
Kinkakuji Temple is a famous temple north-northwest of Kyoto Station. The shining, golden building itself is beautiful, but the sight of it reflected in the surrounding pond is impressive and worth a look. And be sure to see the distinctively beautiful rock garden of Ryoanji Temple, five minutes by taxi from Kinkakuji Temple. And the supermarket KOHYO KITAOJI is convenient for shopping before or after seeing these sights.

Use a city bus to get to KOHYO KITAOJI from Kinkakuji Temple. At the Kinkakuji-michi bus stop, get on a city bus bound for Kyoto Station and head to Kitaoji Bus Terminal (approximately 11 minutes). Go out through Exit 1 of the adjacent Kitaoji Station and walk two minutes to arrive at Kitaoji Vivre. On the first floor is the supermarket KOHYO KITAOJI. Inside the large store are a lot of food products chosen with attention to safety and freshness.

Address:49-1 Koyamakitakamifusacho, Kita-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto
Business hours:10:00-21:00
Credit cards accepted:AEON CARD, Visa, JCB, Master, UC, Diners, American Express and UnionPay

Why not do some shopping while gazing at the beautiful streetscapes of this ancient capital?

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