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Amino Collagen is continuously being evolved for you to experience the pleasure of waking up your beauty from within.

Amino Collagen has been on sale for 13 years and, supported by many women striving for beauty, it continues to be the choice number one of women of all ages.
Amino Collagen contains carefully selected beauty ingredients which help you experience beauty and offers high quality which is constantly being improved. In the pursuit of making the experience of beauty even more real, Amino Collagen is continuously being evolved.

【Introduction of the popular product】

★For those seeking even more moisture
● It is used carefully selected low-molecular fish collagen only.
● Daily amount of one spoon! A single spoon (approx. 7 g) a day enables the intake of 5,000 mg of collagen. One can is plenty for one month (approx. 28 days).
● The intake is easy since it can be dissolved in your favorite food or drink.

▼There is also a refill type!

★For those seeking higher level Amino Collagen
● Amino Collagen Premium offers a luxurious blend of notable beauty ingredients to meet the needs of women who wish to obtain evolving beauty. It is a special Amino Collagen directed at those who wish for higher quality.
●It contains a blend of 5,000 mg of low-molecular fish collagen, 1,200 µg of the notable beauty ingredient ceramide and 20 mg of hyaluronic acid. Furthermore, it also contains 10 mg of the coenzyme Q10, a source of vitality, beauty and youthfulness.
● It also contains 450 mg of Arginine, an amino acid containing an Amino Collagen beauty compound, 60 mg of Glucosamine and 50 mg of Vitamin C.
● Amino Collagen is easy-to-drink and fast-dissolving. Take it daily with your favorite foods and drinks to give your skin a refined glow.