Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo (Ginza), where you can spend the night amid the bustle of Ginza.

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In this article, we would like to tell you about the high-grade Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo (Ginza), which opened just last December.

Located in the middle of Ginza, Japan's leading luxury brand area, it is convenient for everything from shopping to dining and sightseeing. The hotel looks down on the crossing at Ginza 4-chome and Kabuki-za, a famous kabuki theater. It is a peerless location where you can truly stay amid the bustle of Ginza.

There are elements to make you feel a sense of Japanese tradition everywhere on the exterior and in the interior of the hotel.

The exterior design incorporates the concept of weaving together the traditions and innovations of Ginza. It expresses the past, future and present of Ginza, where the cityscape changes at a dizzying pace day after day amid traditions that continue to live and breathe.

When you set foot inside the hotel you will discover a private space amid the big city.
Surrounded by stillness, the tension will flow out of you.
The lobby, restaurant and guest rooms, all designed by a top-notch interior designer, have polish and grace befitting the metropolis. The lobby is decorated with art by an up-and-coming kimono designer, allowing visitors to soak in the ambiance of contemporary Japan.

We would like you to focus on two concept rooms. They are the Pearl Room, a collaboration with Mikimoto Cosmetics Ginza, and the Hakuza Gold Leaf Room, a collaboration with Hakuza Nihombashi. Enjoy these collaborations with famous, longstanding Japanese brands.

The basement restaurant ALL DAY DINING NiKO GINZA serves safe, healthy and delicious cuisine made using fresh ingredients mainly procured at the nearby Tsukiji market.

You have come all this way to experience Japan. Perhaps you should be selective about your hotel as well.

【Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo (Ginza)】

Address:5-11-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
(1)2 min. walk from Ginza Station of Tokyo Metro
(2)1 min. walk from Higashi-ginza Station of Tokyo Metro
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