Enjoy local destinations off the beaten path! Introducing our SIM card which is invaluable for heading to little-known tourist locations!

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The latest trend among local media is to talk about tourist destinations that even Japanese don't know that well over and above major attractions. Lately, there have been more page views for minor tourist spots such as Naruko Gorge in Miyagi Prefecture and Kawagoe City in Saitama Prefecture than for articles focusing on places like Harajuku or Tsukiji.

The main reason thought to be behind this trend is independent travelers searching the Internet for destinations not designed for group-based tours. However, this can be hard for foreigners due to the fact that information regarding these minor attractions in pamphlets or on official websites is often only available in Japanese. Also many of these locations are in hard-to-reach places, and people want to use the Internet through their smartphones to get mapping information and traffic conditions etc. on their way to the destinations.

We recommend the low-cost YAMADA SIM card especially designed for price-sensitive travelers who want Internet access throughout their stay in Japan. This card is offered by major electronic retailer "Yamada Denki". Fast data connectivity is available simply by inserting this exclusive SIM card into compatible devices. (Customers are advised that even though Internet accessible areas are available through Japan's largest communication providers, coverage in tourist spots are subject to the network ranges available).

There are different types of plans based on the duration of their usage, with the 7-day plan (1,800 yen before tax), 15-day plan (2,800 yen before tax) and the 30-day plan (3,500 yen before tax). For each plan, high-speed data is available at a maximum speed of 150Mbps, up to 100MB per day (*).

* If the amount of high-speed data used in a single day exceeds 100MB, the data speed will be restricted to 128Kbps until 23:59 of that day. This restriction will be released on the following day.

These SIM cards can be purchased at the LABI1 Japan Flagship Store Ikebukuro and Ikebukuro Mobile Dream Building as well as in YAMADA Denki stores nationwide.

【YAMADA Denki LABI1 Japan Flagship Store Ikebukuro】

Address:1-5-7 Higashi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo(JR Ikebukuro Station, across from East exit)

【YAMADA Denki Ikebukuro Mobile Dream Building】

Address:1-41-1 Higashi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo (JR Ikebukuro Station, immediate left from East exit)

Enjoy little-known locations more with an Internet connection!