How to look more stylish by wearing glasses! If you're looking for high quality glasses at reasonable prices, go to Zoff!

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Glasses are not simply tools to correct vision anymore. In Japan, many people wear zero power glasses just for being stylish, because people can completely change their appearance by wearing glasses. They have become items for fashion, just like hats and accessories. That's why some people recently prefer to call them "eyewear" instead of "glasses".

The only problem used to be price. People would like to choose the shape and color of eyewear according to their fashion style and their mood of each day, but eyewear of the high quality required for items of being stylish used to be too expensive to buy many types.
The store that made a revolution in this field is Zoff, the store about which we tell you this time.

They have plenty of designs at prices that were unthinkable before, such as one set with lenses starting from ¥3,000. They are so cheap that you might be concerned about quality, but there's no need to worry. They don't look cheap at all and you'll feel you get more than what you pay for.

In addition, when you go to the store and choose your eyewear, you'll have it in about 30 minutes as long as they have lens stock. Even though it's so fast, they use the latest technology to measure your vision and they carefully choose the proper lenses.

Below, we tell you about three types of recommended items.


They have a wide variety of about as much as 250 types. They all cut ultraviolet rays by 99.9%, no matter the lens color. Good for the current season, in which ultraviolet rays are strong. There are types fit for use in different activities, such as driving, fishing and running (from ¥3,000).

Disney Collection created by Zoff

Eyewear with motif of popular Disney Characters. It comes with an original case and an eyeglass cleaning cloth with the same design as the frame. It's possible to fit several lenses in stylish frames. Decide your glasses according to your individual preferences, such as zero power glasses just for being stylish, glasses for use with your pc, sun glasses, etc (from ¥5,000 including normal lenses).


Since they are ultralight, it's difficult to strain your nose or ears by wearing them for long periods of time. They are so flexible that they don't usually break when strongly bent. They have more than 230 types in size, color and design! Adults or children, all should be able to find their favorite ones (from ¥9,000 including normal lenses).

Don't worry if you don't speak Japanese. Zoff has stores all around Japan and, in many of the stores, they have staff who speak foreign languages, particularly English. So, please feel free to visit them. They also have manuals in English for when vision tests are needed. Many of their stores have tax free service and you can buy tax free on purchases of more than ¥10,000, by showing your passport.

Some people would think that it's safer to buy glasses in their own countries, same as going to the doctor or having a haircut, but, nowadays, that way of thinking is probably old. Find your favorite glasses at Zoff, in Japan!

【Zoff Park Harajuku Store】

Address:1F, Co-op Olympia, 6-35-3, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku
Closed:Open Everyday
Credit cards accepted:American Express / Diners / JCB / MasterCard / Visa