Men’s summer outfits are difficult to put together, but at 109MEN’S in Shibuya, you can obtain stylish and unique items!

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During seasons which allow a layering of clothing, you can look stylish by just wearing a jacket or a coat with a good design. However, in summer, the choice of one shirt can make or break your outfit, making it the season in which it is difficult to match outfits. What’s more, this year’s trends include shorts (trousers with short hems), which are difficult to match, so you don’t want to select the wrong items.

In such cases, go to 109MEN’S in Shibuya, Tokyo, which has already been featured by our editorial department. From basement level one to the seventh floor, competing shops focusing on the latest men’s fashion offer fashionable items to the customers.

This time, we would like to draw your attention to the FUGA shop on the 6th floor. Having stylish and dressy as a motto, the shop offers simple designs which let individuality shine. What’s more, FUGA is often found at the top of the outfit ranking on 109MEN’S website.

▼Popular FUGA-outfit number ①

Simple outfit with a cut and sew T-shirt with a woman’s print at the center. A stylish factor is added just by topping up the outfit with a clutch bag. (Approx. Budget: Cut and sew T-shirt: ¥ 7,452, Denim: ¥ 18,144, Clutch Bag: ¥ 13,824)

▼Popular FUGA-outfit number ②

An outfit combining a floral shirt with dark tones. (Approx. Budget: floral shirt: ¥ 7,776, Shorts: ¥ 13,824, Leather Tote Bag: ¥ 18,144)

Note: The items introduced above are sold as of July 2015 and are subject to stock availability and price fluctuations depending on when you visit the store.

Of course, there are many other popular shops apart from FUGA! 109MEN’S is the place to go for fashion-conscious men!


Address:1-23-10 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo