Special discount information is here! A maximum of a 15% discount is exclusively available to those who shop at Yamada Denki using JCB card!

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Many overseas tourists are looking forward to shopping around for household electrical appliances when they are holidaying in Japan. Among many electrical appliances stores in Japan, “Yamada Denki” is one of the major ones.

With the highest sales and the largest number of stores throughout the nation, Yamada Denki, Co., Ltd. is the biggest household electric appliance store chain in Japan. The name of the stores differs depending on where it is located; e.g. the stores in the metropolitan areas such as Tokyo, Osaka, etc. are called as “LABI”, while those in suburban areas are named as “Tecc.Land”.In 2005, Yamada Denki became the first household electric appliance company that has its branches in the all 47 prefectures in Japan. You may have seen the logos of “LABI” and “Tecc.Land” at where you have visited.

Now, Yamada Denki has been drawing a huge attention from overseas visitors to Japan! Until January 31, 2016, those who used JCB cards issued in countries other than Japan, for payments at duty free stores under Yamada Denki, will receive a total of a 15% discount, which is a combination of an exclusive 7% discount for JCB card users and an 8% duty free discount! (Please refer to the end of this article for the details) The prices at Yamada Denki are already way cheaper than other stores, and now further discounts are available. Don’t miss the chance!

For those visiting Osaka in Japan, we recommend you to visit the following stores.

The first store is LABI1 Namba Store, a large-scaled metropolitan style store. Located in Namba, the center of Osaka, the store has a great access from nearest stations: approx. 3 minute walk from Nankai Electric Railway Namba Station, approx. 6 minute walk from Subway Namba Station, and approx. 9 minute walk from Kintetsu Namba Station. The scale of the store is second to none: the total area of the four-story building is approx. 20,000 square-meters, which is six times bigger than the average area size of suburban stores of Tecc.Land, having approx. 800,000 items on sale on top of it. The store will definitely have products that you are looking for. In addition to that, the store is proud of its “experiential” sales floor system, in which they arrange an experience corner in each floor. It is good news for consumers as they can try to use products they want till they are satisfied.

【Yamada Denki LABI1 Namba Store】
Address:2-11-35, Namba-naka, Naniwa-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
Closed:Open 365days

The second store is “Tecc.Land Osaka Rinku Store, a large-scaled suburban style store. The advantage of the store is its location close to Kansai International Airport. Located approx. 5 minute away on foot from the nearest Rinku-Town Station, which is only one station away from the airport on Nankai and JR lines, the store is very convenient for shopping for those who arrive at/depart from Kansai International Airport. Of course the store has a variety of items. You will find popular items such as rice cookers, air purifiers, etc. by carefully selecting them.

【Yamada Denki Tecc.Land Osaka Rinku Store】
Address:2-10, Rinku Orai-minami, Izumisano City, Osaka
Closed:Open 365days

Check the details of the campaign via the URL below.

▼ Details of the conditions of the privileges for JCB card users

*All JCB brand cards (except those issued in Japan) are eligible for this offer.
*Must pay with JCB card.
*This offer is valid only at Yamada Denki registered stores for tax exemption services. For information on Yamada Denki registered tax free stores, please check the JCB Brand site.
*This offer applies to purchases of general merchandise totaling ¥10,001 or more (excluding tax). In the case of consumables, this offer applies to purchases ¥5,001 (excluding tax) or more and up to ¥500,000. In addition, the requirements for consumer tax exemption must be met.
*Some items excluded.
* Cannot be combined with other special offers.
*Customers are asked to check for themselves at time of payment that the discount has been deducted. Please note that discounts cannot be applied once payment has been made.
*Yamada Denki tax free stores (44 stores throughout Japan, listed at the URL on the right)