First Avenue Tokyo Station is a commercial establishment featuring popular shops. Amongst them, three carefully selected, particularly recommended shops are introduced here. 【cooperated by First Avenue Tokyo Station _ Part 1】

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In the past, the shopping arcades located beneath Japan’s major train stations played a minor role, frequented for reasons of proximity and convenience by business or leisure travelers arriving at the station. However, this situation is changing dramatically. In the underground of major stations, shopping centers were established and have become places lined with popular shops where visitors can enjoy shopping and gourmet experiences equal to those of department stores. Today, there is an increasing number of people who don’t just drop by because they pass through the station but because they want to enjoy the underground shopping centers.

A place which could be called the pioneer of such underground shopping centers is found at Tokyo Station.

Tokyo Station can also be called the center of Japan. This time, we would like to introduce “First Avenue Tokyo Station”, the establishment opened on the Yaesu side of the station in April 2005. The secret of its popularity is its characteristic organization. While the underground shopping centers of conventional stations feature a loose line-up of different kinds of shops, First Avenue Tokyo Station is divided into three zones with the following themes: “Characters”, “Sweets” and “Ramen”. Aligning popular shops specific to these three themes, First Avenue Tokyo Station has become a place where consumers gather to go shopping or eat and drink, rather than being a place where people just go on the occasion of a transfer.

【First Avenue Tokyo Station】
Access:Right outside of Yaesu Underground Central Ticket Gate of Tokyo Station

This time, the editorial department features one shop from every zone particularly recommended for tourists, where we asked about characteristic and recommended articles. Please use this as a reference when you visit First Avenue Tokyo Station.

Tokyo Character Street

The “Tokyo Character Street” is located on the first basement floor of the North side of First Avenue Tokyo Station and offers an alignment of 26 shops including specialist stores themed around currently popular Japanese characters and official shops of TV stations. Since Japanese manga and anime are very popular outside Japan as well, this is a place not only visited by Japanese people, but also by many tourists from abroad. This time, the editorial department covers the JUMP SHOP, which carries an array of merchandise based on characters appearing in Japan’s best-selling manga magazine “Weekly Shonen Jump”.

Son-Goku, the protagonist of the hugely popular manga “DRAGON BALL”, welcomes you.

According to shop manager Mr. Chino, the main appeal of this shop lies in the fact that it is a specialist store offering the newest goods based on works appearing in the “Weekly Shonen Jump”, which are popular in Japan as well as abroad. In addition, he states that the shop provides many goods not available in Japanese toy stores, offering a wide array of items based on former as well as new characters.

When asked about some well-selling goods, “SLAM DUNK“ is the first to be mentioned. ”Since the poster depicting the original work is not available elsewhere, it is quite popular”, says Chino. It is an item which fans definitely want to obtain. (Product name: “SLAM DUNK” A1 Poster, Price incl. tax: ¥1,028)

The next recommended item is the straw hat worn by Luffy, the main character of the popular manga “ONE PIECE”, featuring pirates with strong individualities. (Product name: “ONE PIECE” Luffy’s Straw hat, Price incl. tax: ¥2,057). Don’t you feel like you’re one of the pirates when you wear the hat?!

In addition, Mr. Chino also recommends T-shirts featuring one’s favorite character. “There are also people who buy all the T-shirts of their favorite manga”, he says. (example: Product name: “ONE PIECE Childhood 56 T-shirt (S, M, L), Price incl. tax: ¥3, 240)

People who want to avoid the crowds are recommended to visit the shop on weekdays around 2 pm or after 6 pm. Let’s visit JUMP SHOP and buy fun souvenirs which become the topic of conversation!

Location:inside “Tokyo Character Street” on the first basement floor of First Avenue Tokyo Station
Business hours:10:00 - 20:30