Free present available exclusively for the readers of this article! A careful selection and introduction of three particularly recommended shops in First Avenue Tokyo Station! 【cooperated by First Avenue Tokyo Station _ Part 2】

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First Avenue Tokyo Station is an underground shopping center popular amongst travelers. It is a place organized into three zones according to the themes of “Characters”, “Sweets” and “Ramen”, where you can enjoy yourself all day.

This series of articles aims at introducing three shops carefully selected and recommended by the editorial department. Last time, JUMP SHOP located in the “Tokyo Character Street” was featured.

This time, we would like to introduce one recommended shop each from “Tokyo Okashi Land” and “Tokyo Ramen Street”.

Tokyo Okashi Land

“Tokyo Okashi Land” is located on the first basement floor of First Avenue Tokyo Station, directly after the Yaesu Underground Central Ticket Gate. Featuring branches of three confectionery makers representative of Japan, Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd., Calbee and Morinaga & Co.,Ltd, this is a place lined with limited edition products, confectionery produced on site and popular products of every company.

This place is always bustling with adults, kids, couples, and families. Amongst these shops, the editorial department would like to introduce “Morinaga no Okashi na Okashiyasan” operated by Morinaga & Co.,Ltd.

We talked to Mr. Asai, sales department manager of Morinaga market development. “Our aim is to not only provide tasty confectionery, but provide fun through confectioneries and increase the number of fans of the Japanese confectionery company called Morinaga & Co.,Ltd”, he says.

To put this idea into reality, we even received a special present limited to the readers of this article! The first 200 customers to present this article at the register of the “Morinaga no Okashi na Okashiyasan” receive a bag of “Doraemon Hi-Chew Assortment”, soft candies which are only available in Japan, with the popular manga character “Doraemon” depicted on them!

Let’s save this article by adding a bookmark (for people using the app, tap on the button next to the title) or by taking a screenshot! The campaign period is from December 20, 2015 until the end of January 2016! Let’s tell our friends about it, too!

So moving on to the recommended product, as expected, it’s the well-known Choco Balls featuring the character Kyoro-chan. The large box of Choco Balls only available in Tokyo is especially popular (Price incl. tax: ¥1,080). The box is a bargain and contains 30 packages with peanut, strawberry and cheesecake flavor.

When asked about recommended products apart from the long seller, Mr. Asai mentions Patissier Kyoro-chan’s Gateau au Chocolat (Price incl. tax: ¥1,080). It is made using excellent cocoa and has a mellow texture. It is moderately sweet and thus popular amongst men as well.

Let’s use this article to get “Doraemon”-soft candies for free and buy Morinaga & Co.,Ltd sweets as souvenirs which will certainly make your family and friends happy!

【Morinaga no Okashi na Okashiyasan】
Location:inside “Tokyo Okashi Land” on the first basement floor of First Avenue Tokyo Station
Business hours:9:00 - 21:00

Tokyo Ramen Street

To conclude, we would like to introduce “Tokyo Ramen Street”, which features a diverse lineup of eight popular Ramen stores. The restaurant visited by the editorial department is “Shio Ramen Hirugao”, a branch of the popular and famous Setagaya brand specializing in shio ramen (noodles in salt-based soup) where it is not unusual to see a line of people waiting to get in.

According to shop manager Mr. Seno, the selling point of this store lies “in the strength of paying great attention to the ingredients, making no use of chemical ingredients whatsoever, using only natural materials”. The store also places great importance on using domestic products as ingredients. Mr. Seno taught us that the soup is made by simmering for a total of 5 hours at low heat: First, chicken knuckles are simmered for 3 hours before konbu (kelp), kaibashira (adductor muscles of shellfish), dried sardines and Auxis-Katsuobushi (dried bonito) are added and simmered for another 2 hours. The ramen noodles “are homemade using wheat produced in Japan and are rich in flavor”, says Mr. Seno.

As expected, the popular dish is “Shio Ramen Hirugaomori”, the recommended specialty of the store (Price incl. tax: ¥1,080). If you’re indecisive, you can’t go wrong by choosing this. Although you would expect shio ramen to have a light and refreshing taste, it has a deep taste thanks to the rich taste of the broth spreading in the mouth. Enjoying this will certainly make people from abroad understand the “depth of taste” distinctive of Japan.

The roasted pork fillet is a must-try, too!

There is a lot of foreign staff, so people who don’t understand Japanese can be supported, too. To conclude, let us describe how to order ramen at this shop. First, you have to buy a meal ticket at the ticket machine. Put in the money and push the button of the ramen and side dishes you would like to order. Stand in the line and wait to be guided to your seat.

【Shio Ramen Hirugao】
Location: inside “Tokyo Ramen Street” on the first basement floor of First Avenue Tokyo Station
Business hours:10:30 - 23:30(L. O. 23:00)

With this, you will have understood that Tokyo Station deserves more than just being used for transfer of trains! Please come and enjoy yourself at First Avenue Tokyo Station!