Nasu TrickArt Museum is one of Japan’s biggest 3D museums!

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TrickArt gives you an illusional experience as the two-dimensional pictures use an optical illusion to make them look three-dimensional or give us completely different impressions when looking at them from different angles.

3D art and TrickArt works have become very popular in all over the world. The boom was led by a Japanese born “TrickArt”, which was born in Nasu TrickArt Museum, the largest 3D museum in Japan.

Nasu TrickArt Museum consists of three different art museums. The first one is called “the House of TrickArt”. The building was originally being used as a pension. Visitors can enjoy dynamic 3D art, which has been designed by effectively using the structure of the building.

The second one, “the House of TrickArt Labyrinth? “, has reproduced a magical world using 3D art Various arts including experiential works and quizzes await to trick you!

At the third one called the “House of Michelangelo”, visitors can enjoy works of high artistic quality to integrate “TrickArt” with well-known artworks of Michelangelo, Da Vince and Raphael. In addition, a recreated artwork of the paintings in Sistine Chapel (designated as the World Heritage) is a must-see!

Moreover, Nasu TrickArt Museum is the only TrickArt museum in Japan with a workshop. The workshop is run by SD Corporation, a creator of 3D art which produces artworks for TrickArt museums all over Japan. The workshop opens its door to visitors so they can watch the production process. A newly produced artwork you witness at the workshop may become famous in the future!

To visit Nasu TrickArt Museum, it takes approx. for 20 minutes from Nasushiobara Station by car, which is about 70 minute away from Tokyo Station by Bullet Train. If you don’t mind an extra trip to surrounding areas, there are various places to visit such as Nasu Highlands, a well-known hot spring resort, Nasu Garden Outlet to enjoy shopping, as well as ski fields, zoo, amusement park. The area is very popular even as a tourists spot. It is worth visiting there from Tokyo by spending extra time.

【Nasu TrickArt Museum】

Address:5760, Takakuko, Nasumachi, Nasu-gun, Tochigi
Business Hours:9:30-18:00 (Winter [Oct.-Mar.] 9:30-17:00, Summer [Aug.] 9:00-18:00)
Admission Fee:
Admission ticket for one house / Adult (ages 15 and older) ¥1,300, Child (4-14 years old) ¥800
Admission ticket for two houses / Adult (ages 15 and older) ¥2,000, Child (4-14 years old) ¥1,300
Admission ticket for three houses / Adult (ages 15 and older) ¥2,700, Child (4-14 years old) ¥1,800

* TrickArt is a trademark of SD Corporation.