Liese Prettia Bubble Color can help you change the color of your hair in a more stylish way.

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Liese Prettia Bubble Color is a hair-color mousse, which is very easy to use at home, as you can simply rub it in your hair. You can change the color of your hair depending on your taste and season as the product has a total of 22 different colors from pink to ash types. The thick, sticky bubbles stick onto your hair. The foam makes it easy to color your hair evenly from root to the edge of the hair. The following shows three simply steps of how to use the product.

Suggested retail price (excl. tax):¥800
Available at:drug stores throughout Japan, etc

Be sure to conduct a skin allergy test (patch test) each time before use.

STEP1:Mix Liquid One and Two, and push the bottle to squeeze the bubbles out. Place a plenty of the bubbles over dry hair.

STEP2:Rub the bubbles into your hair using fingers.

STEP3: Leave it for approx. 20 – 30 minutes.

Rinse the bubbles off, wash the hair with a shampoo and complete it with an After Color Hair Pack attached to the product. The hair is nice and smooth as it is well-moisturized, yet the color is set evenly. Find your favorite color and enjoy being stylish with your beautiful hair!

* Please carefully read the instructions for an adequate use.
* Be sure to conduct a skin allergy test (patch test) each time before use.

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