In front of Tokyo station, popular consumer electronics chain Yamada Denki has opened Concept LABI TOKYO as a base for spreading the word about cutting-edge concepts!

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Yamada Denki is one of Japan's largest nationwide consumer electronics chains, both in terms of sales and number of stores. On October 30, the chain opened Concept LABI TOKYO in the center of the city at the Yaesu exit of Tokyo Station, the front door to Japan.

With this comes the arrival of a new store offering leading manufacturers' latest goods and services, and a new way of life. Making the most of the strength unique among consumer electronics chains—a nationwide store network—this is a new Yamada Denki seen nowhere else, providing both Japan and the wider world with up-to-the-minute information.
At Concept LABI TOKYO, floors B1 through 10 feature different stages that express each floor's unique concept.

Many features focus on improving the user experience, including numerous events and hands-on booths that make it easier for customers to try products out. Let’s look at each stage.

B1F 【Japanese Gift Stage】
From medicines to watches made in Japan, this floor has a plethora of products popular with visitors to the country. A perfect place to get all your souvenir shopping done.

1F 【Apple Future Stage】
This floor is home to everything Apple. Try out the iPhone, or even the Apple Watch or Apple Music.

2F 【New Mobile Stage】
Shoppers come here for the latest products for smartphones. Also has a full range of smartphone accessories.

3F 【Sony & Panasonic Presentation Stage】
A great place to experience Sony and Panasonic's state-of-the-art A/V technologies for yourself.

4F 【New Digital AV Stage】
This floor seeks to enrich customers' "video and music life" with all manner of cutting-edge digital electronics from Japan and abroad, including TVs, Blu-ray recorders, and digital audio equipment.

5F 【Imaging & Design Style Stage】
This is the place for digital cameras, video cameras, and lenses that will satisfy everyone from novices to professionals.
This floor also has an upscale designer electronics area. Here, customers can find the latest models of everything from kitchen appliances to lighting that offer both superior design and functionality.

6F 【Beauty Design Stage】
This floor sells health appliances, fitness products, cosmetics, makeup, and more. There are also many items here that are popular with overseas visitors, including rice cookers, insulated bottles, and small electronics. On offer in the cosmetics area are namebrand cosmetics and popular makeup products from Japan and abroad.

7F 【Life Style Stage】
Visitors to this floor will learn smart ways to use the latest cooking appliances. There are also tea and espresso machines whose results visitors can taste. In addition, customers will find a rich array of designer kitchen appliances, and many come for the full lineup of Dyson products.

8F 【Life Style Stage】
This floor offers a complete range of high-performance and high-end refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, heaters, air purifiers, and more. Customers can take a break with a cup of coffee at CAFE RESTO.

9F 【PC & Network solution Stage】
This floor sells computers, printers, scanners, and PC peripherals. Those in the market for the latest models should stop by.

10F 【Business Solution Stage】
This floor offers services for corporations. Here, visitors will be shown clever ways to use 3D printers and consumer electronics.

All Yamada Denki locations, including Concept LABI TOKYO, are now running a campaign that lets those with JCB cards issued outside of Japan receive a 7% JCB special discount and 8% tax-free discount—a 15% total discount!—when shopping at tax-free stores affiliated with Yamada Denki. The campaign ends January 31, 2016, so don't miss this chance!

【Concept LABI TOKYO】

Address:1-5-22 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Closed:Open every day