Let us introduce items from Shibuya’s 109MEN’S, which are stylish and protect you from the cold!

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Japan is approaching deep winter. Since Japan has a long vertical expansion, there are different winter climates between Hokkaido in the north and Okinawa in the south. Tokyo is said to feel chilly, even though the average temperature amounts to 7 to 8℃ in December. One of the reasons stated for this is that contrary to areas in the north such as Hokkaido, the buildings provide little protection against the cold. In addition, the air is dry because it does not often snow.

In cooperation with 109MEN’S in Shibuya, which assembles many stores offering men’s fashion, we introduce Japan’s latest seasonal items on a regular basis. This time, we’d like to introduce “Black by VANQUISH” located on the 6th floor. The shop’s staff recommended two items which can be purchased easily while at the same time providing protection against the cold.

“Black by VANQUISH” is a brand offering a Dress Line and a Casual Line, providing fashion suitable for each of the two lifestyles. Aiming to go global, it has changed its brand name from the 2015 autumn/winter season, but including the years the brand has been on the market under the former name, the brand has been supported by the young men of Japan for more than 10 years.

▼Black by VANQUISH Recommended item ①

Turtlenecks have come into fashion last year. The goods of this brand have a high-quality design and can be matched simply. Furthermore, the item easily fits the body shape and can conveniently be worn underneath coats or jackets. People who have come to Japan and found that the winter is colder than expected can have a comfortable time if they buy such a turtleneck. Available in black and white. (Article name: Mohair Touch Turtleneck Knit Top [BVK011], price incl. tax: ¥10,260)

▼Black by VANQUISH Recommended item ②

A plaid scarf which highlights your outfit. Made of material with a pleasant feel, it is very comfortable to wear. Since one side is plain, two kinds of designs can be enjoyed, depending on how the scarf is worn. (Article name: Double-face Check Muffler[BVA005]price incl. tax: ¥ 5,940)

* The above mentioned items are available as of December, 2015. The store may have no stock or the prices may change depending on when you visit the store.

In 109MEN’S, 24 stores including the above mentioned Black by VANQUISH offer tax free purchasing. Visit 109MEN’S if you are looking for stylish fashion items!


Address:1-23-10 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Hours:10:00 – 21:00

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