Enhance your stylishness with handkerchiefs! Check out great ways to add some tastes to your hair and bag!

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This article recommends handkerchiefs to those who are carefully choosing souvenirs from their holiday in Japan. It is fun to look for a right one depending on who you give them because its size and design vary, and the prices are reasonable, too. Generally, handkerchiefs are used to wipe sweat off or dry hands. However, it can be used in a various ways especially for females. We now introduce you some effective ways to use handkerchiefs in two articles, which can be attached to a handkerchief of your souvenir to your friend. This is Part Two.

The article of Part One has introduced you how to use handkerchief as fashion by wearing it around a neck.

In the Part Two article, we will show you how to arrange handkerchiefs as hair accessories and how to use them as an accent to your bag.

▼ How to arrange handkerchiefs as hair accessories

Handkerchiefs with thin and soft materials are suitable for this way of folding. Make a knot in the way shown in the previous article up to STEP 4.

Secondly, tie the top half of your hair, and place the knot of the handkerchief in the center of your head. Hold your hair and the knot together with your left hand while holding one edge of the handkerchief with your right hand, just as shown in the image below.

Now, put the edge in your right hand (the edge of the orange line in the picture below) under the tied hair and cross the both edges together.

Pass the edge in your right hand through the knot. Then the other edge in your left hand (the edge of the blue line in the picture), and threaded it through the knot. Shape it neatly to finish it.

▼ How to use them as an accent to your bag

Firstly, tie the edge of the bias-folded handkerchief (up to STEP 3 in the article Part One) to the bottom of the handle of your bag. Then wrap the handles with the handkerchief.

Tie the other end of the handkerchief to the other side of the bottom of the handle after wrapping the whole handle. Then it’s completed. It is important to keep the knot in shape!

Those, who have checked the effective ways to use handkerchiefs that we have introduced in the Part One and Two, must now understand that a handkerchief is not merely a thing to dry your hand. Hope the articles are used effectively when you give handkerchiefs to your friends.