What item do you want to receive as a present from your sweetheart and how much do you want them to spend? The secondhand brand-name goods store KOMEHYO conducted a survey.

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KOMEHYO is one of the largest secondhand brand-name goods stores in Japan and a place where you can purchase at a reasonable price a brand-name handbag or watch that would be expensive if purchased new. So far we have featured the secret of KOMEHYO's popularity a number of times, so this time let's look at a survey KOMEHYO conducted.

The survey was of 800 men and women who are interested in designer brands. It targeted Japanese people, but its results probably wouldn't be so different in other countries. There were a number of results from the survey announced, and one of them that may be of interest to you was “the brand-name item you would like to receive as a present from your sweetheart or spouse and how much you want them to spend.”

First of all, the top-ranked item for men was a watch, and they wanted it to cost about 180,000 yen. It seems they want a high-priced item people will notice in business or their private lives. Women should also check the items ranked second and lower and consider them when choosing a present.

Next, let's look at women's responses to the same question. The top-ranked was a bag, the second a ring, the third a necklace, and so on. It is good to have several of these items, whose design and color must be appropriate for the scene in which they are used.

Well, buying these items new is fine, but it is also a good idea to look for a secondhand item that is more reasonably priced. KOMEHYO, which we recommended when you want to do that, has 26 locations in Japan and it may have one near the area you plan to visit. KOMEHYO opened a new store in Hakata, in central Fukuoka Prefecture, in October 2015. We'd like you to check it out as well.


Address:2F, CANAL CITY HAKATA South Bldg., 1-2-74 Sumiyoshi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka

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