To dye one's hair, why not to choose the products easiest to use! This time we tell you about the excellent "Hoyu" products!!

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When people look at an elegant woman, what naturally attracts them and what very strongly and deeply influences her elegance is her hair color. There's no doubt that she will be much more attractive if she has the hair color that fits her looks and fashion. What would happen if, on the other hand, people see her gray hair? They might think that she's older than her real age and that she doesn't care so much about her appearance.

However, to go to a beauty shop frequently to dye one's hair is not easy, economically or in terms of time. Also, it's hard to dye one's hair by oneself! To such women, we would like to recommend two products of the hair dye brand CIELO, sold by Hoyu, the manufacturer that is proud of its best-selling (*) hair colors in Japan.
*: INSTAGE SRI/ Hair Color Market from April, 1995 to May, 2015, according to sales amount.

The first one is "CIELO Hair Color EX Cream".

"Hair Color EX Cream" has been a popular product since its launch in 1999. Normally, to use most of cream type hair dye products, you need to mix two preparations first, but no need to do so in case of this product. You only need to push the product on the exclusive brush that comes with it and dye the area where gray hair concerns you.

With the exclusive brush, it's easy to dye hair on particular areas, such as its fringes and root. And it's economical, because, though cream remains, you can use it next. Since you can choose among 15 colors, from basic brown to colors with a red taste, you might be able to find the one close to your taste.

The second one is "CIELO Mousse Color", the product for people for whom hair dye of foam type is easy to use.

This products is also easy to use and you don't need to mix preparations. Put on the gloves coming with the product and pour the mousse on the palm of your hand.

Then, you just dye in the following order: part, top, fringes of your hair and the whole of it. The fine mousse will penetrate all your hair and white hair will gradually get dyed. Also in this case, if mousse remains, you can use it next time. There are 14 colors to choose from.

The point of these products is that both are easy to use and, since it's said that, once hair turns white, it never goes back to its original color, the longer you use these products, the more you will realize its advantages. Besides, it's good that they combine five substances like grape seed oil and marine collagen. Apart from dying your hair, they might be good for its gloss and care. Get the ideal color and gloss of your hair while getting rid of gray hair!
Sold in drug stores and supermarkets of Japan.

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