The supreme [SQUALANE] for Natural Beauty!

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Are you troubled by open pores or dry skin? HABA produces supreme beauty oil [SQUALANE] to save troubled skin. Squalene is a substance naturally existing in human sebum. It protects us from dryness and UV rays. However the secretion of Squalene decreases drastically after our 20's. The result? Troubles such as open pores, dryness, and wrinkles.HABA’s supreme SQUALANE helps supply squalene to your skin. It has been a best selling item for more than 30 years.It’s so simple. After applying toner in the morning or evening, apply SQUALANE instead of emulsion or cream. Just 1 drop, that’s it!

What’s brilliant about HABA is their Non-additive mindset(R) policy. HABA never uses additives or preservatives such as Paraben, Petrochemical sur-factants, artificial Fragrances, Mineral oils, and Tar colors. This reduces the potential burden on your skin and provides only what is neces-sary for your skin to maintain its natural beauty. HABA's products are safe. All products are manufactured to the highest stand-ards at HABA's hygienic factories in Tomakomai, Hokkaido.

For a limited time you can receive a gift of 2 packets of [G LOTION](7ml), HABA’s basic hydrating toner with a refreshing feel, at HABA Ginza. It contains 3 kinds of rich minerals and it pairs well with supreme SQUALANE. Show this page by February 29th 2016, to collect your gift. Don’t miss out on this offer.

【Supreme SQUALANE】
Price:1,400 Japanese yen plus Tax/ 15ml, 2,500Japanese yen plus Tax/30ml

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