If Japanese food culture is your thing, Shibuya Hikarie is the place for you!

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Shibuya is a place like no other and a recent up-and-coming contender in the food scene as well. Head over to Shibuya Hikarie, the new cutting-edge multistorey complex directly connected to Shibuya Station, to find out why. With floors 6-11 offering an impressive selection of delectable delights, it’s been named one of the largest cafe and restaurant hubs in the Shibuya area. Is enjoying the tastes of Japan your mission? If so, we've taken the liberty of selecting a few restaurants that we think might best meet your desires.

6F: Kyoyoshoku Akatsuki
Enjoy the delectable marriage of western food and the essence of Kyoto at this Kyoto-style western food restaurant. Produced by Yonemura Masayasu, owner-chef of the Michelin-starred restaurant Yonemura, your taste buds are in for a treat.

【Kyoyoshoku Akatsuki】
Business hours:11:00-23:00
Last order:Food 22:00, Drinks 22:30

6F: Miyazaki Ryouri Mansaku
As an 80-year veteran of the Miyazaki food industry, their tried-and-true regional recipes are simply heavenly. Make sure you try their seiro mushi, a bamboo-steamed dish which features Kirishima pork and over 10 kinds of Miyazaki vegetables: it’s no less than a masterpiece.

【Miyazaki Ryouri Mansaku】
Business hours:11:00-23:00
Last order:Food 22:15, Drinks 22:40

7F: Hakata Ryoke Isogai Shirasu Kujira
Offers delicious food from Hakata/Kyushu with a focus on freshly delivered seafood. As indicated by their name, this restaurant prides itself in its dishes containing shirasu (whitebait) and kujira (whale). In the colder months, you won't want to miss their special asari-soup-based oden.

【Hakata Ryoke Isogai Shirasu Kujira】
Business hours:11:00-23:30(Sunday:23:00)
Last order:Monday~Saturday/Food 22:00, Drinks 23:00
Sunday/Food 22:00, Drinks 22:30

With its exquisite art and design displays, among other things, the 8th floor deserves special mention. The d47 SHOKUDO offers the unique opportunity to taste regional cuisine from all over the county as you experience the allure of both food and craftsmanship. While you're there, pop over to the d47 MUSEUM, which features exhibitions about the 47 prefectures, and the d47 design travel store, which sells magnificent handicraft items from all over Japan.

Business hours:11:30-22:30 ※During tea time (14:30~18:00) only drinks and desserts are available.
Last order:Food 21:30, Drinks/Desserts 22:00

【d47 MUSEUM】
Business hours:11:00-20:00 Last admission at 19:30

【d47 design travel store】
Business hours:11:00-20:00

【Shibuya Hikarie】

Address:2-21-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo