Hot items for spring from「109MEN’S」Shibuya !

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Though we’ve been experiencing some cold days, Spring is almost here in Japan.Lets start thinking about putting away the heavy winter coats and get some cas-ual fashion items ready for spring.

This site regularly features the latest items in Japan in cooperation with 「109 MEN’S」. Located in Shibuya, 「109 MEN’S」showcases a wide variety of men’s fashion shops. This time we feature「NEW GENTLEMAN BUFFALO BOBS」. Here are 2 fashion items for spring 2016.

「NEW GENTLEMAN BUFFALO BOBS」is a brand producing edgy fashion items for teenagers to men in their 20’s.Their fashion designs reflect their own experiences and sensitivities cultivated by observing young people in Shibuya. Shibuya is often recognized as a trend set-ting district of Japan .


Jacket made with PONTETORTO fabric. PONTETORTO is an Italian fabric maker. When you see this jacket, you will understand the difference in quality. When you wear it, you will feel how soft, comfortable, and light it is.This jacket looks especially smart when worn in a fitted size and unbuttoned. Giving you a sharp silhouette.

(product name: Dot pattern stretch jacket, 24,732JPY)


Want to look the coolest in town? This is the Jacket. This jacket offers you out-standing texture, color, and silhouette. The designers meticulously analyzed Brit-ish vintage motorcycle jackets then developed a modern version. The more you wear it, the thicker the color gets, so you can enjoy the jacket's texture and color as you wear it in.

(product name: Cow Leather Double Riders Jacket,,892JPY)

※Items shown above are as of FEB, 2016. Prices may vary and stock is limited and sub-ject to date of visit.

There are so many more spring items sold at「109MEN’S」 right now. 28 of the shops are duty free. Why not explore 109 MEN'S and pick up your favorite items today?


Address:1-23-10 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo