Only-in-Japan: Candy-making kits! A souvenir for everyone to enjoy.

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The items we’re about to show you are things that you’ll only find in Japan; they’re almost guaranteed to both surprise and delight your friends and family back home. First up, we have a “SUSHI-Making kit” Mix powders, water, and candy to make mini grape flavoured sweets that look just like real sushi. If you’ve ever wanted to feel like a sushi chef, this is your chance! Odds are you’ve already heard about these fascinating kits on the Internet, so don’t miss your chance to try them out for yourself.

Easy and fun to make! First, mix the powder for the rice with water to make the gummy base of the sushi.

In the same manner, make the egg and tuna portions by mixing the powders with water. Make them in the flat rectangular grooves of the tray. Once the jelly has hardened, cut them in half.

Place on top of the gummy rice, and voila: Sushi! Next, use the dropper to make salmon roe so realistic you may surprise even yourself.

It’s hard to believe these sushi are in fact sweets just by looking at them. Fun to make and delicious to eat! Keep your eye out for them in the candy section of supermarkets and other stores next time you visit Japan. This series also features kits to make a bento, donuts, and hamburgers!

Next on the list is Fuwarinka rose-scented soft candies. Containing rose fragrance components for your body to absorb, you’ll give off a subtle scent of roses wherever you go and whenever you speak. Perfect for after a meal or before a date. They even contain vitamin C, collagen, hyaluronic acid, and other popular beauty-enhancing ingredients. The secret ingredient is Damask rose oil, however—shhhh!

Enjoy the unique procession of textures: a crispy outer shell followed by a soft chewy center followed by a light explosion of melty goodness. You won’t be able to get enough!

【SUSHI-Making kit】

Suggested retail price:250 yen (excl. tax)


Suggested retail price:120 yen (excl. tax)
Flavour:“Beauty Rose”