Explore the world created by cameras at “RICOH Imaging Square GINZA” in Ginza, Tokyo

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In the global digital camera market, Japanese companies have been dominating its top ranks. One of the reasons behind this is because the skills and techniques that are required to produce digital cameras, including optical lens techniques, super-fine sensors and advanced skills for assembly, have long been assets of Japanese companies.

If you are interested in purchasing a Japanese digital camera while in Japan, do visit “RICOH Imaging Square GINZA”. This is a commercial facility by RICOH, one of the top single-lens reflex (SLR) camera companies in Japan. RICOH’s history with cameras started 80 years ago, and, since then, they have been one of the leading companies in the industry.

This shop is located on the 8th and 9th floor of “Sanai Dream Center” building in Ginza 4 cho-me intersection. Not only is this the kind of building that you cannot miss, you will see a big “RICOH” sign on the column-shaped building. Once inside, in “A.W.P”, a photo gallery on the 8th floor, you can soak in selected pieces of art in a comfortable space (an entrance fee of ¥510 with tax is required). On the 9th floor, you will get to learn about the history of RICOH cameras and observe PENTAX cameras, which is one of their magnet brands.

Let us introduce you to some of the newest digital cameras that you can try out and purchase in the shop. The first one is “GRII”, the most well-known product among RICOH cameras. Cameras in the GR lineup are famous for their exceptionally high resolution images and super-fast response.

A set of a GR camera and a horse leather case. Only 200 of them are available for sale (exclusively at directly-managed company stores including RICOH Imaging Square GINZA, RICOH imaging Square SHINJUKU as well as RICOH Imaging Online store).

“THETA” is another RICOH product that is very unique. Using this camera, you can capture entire 360° views around you with one shot. What’s more, use their original app and you can watch spherical images that you captured with it. This can be described as a revolutionary new experience that turns conventional ideas of photos and movies completely upside down. The one shown in the image below is a limited gold version. Only 70 of them are available for sale.

When in the RICOH shop, you cannot miss their “PENTAX” products either. The K series of PENTAX is a lineup that pursued further high resolution images. Among them, “PENTAX K-3II” is one of the finest digital SLR cameras in its series. On top of its impressive image quality, the camera features some of the finest RICOH techniques currently possible including shake-reduction and noise-reduction mechanisms.

Right now, at “RICOH Imaging Square GINZA” they are holding a campaign where, if you post an article on your Social Network Site while in the store, you will get either complimentary original stickers or a tote bag.

The shop is located in the heart of Ginza and it can be easily accessed. What’s more, they are tax-free. So, is there any reason not to add this shop to your destination list while in Japan?

※ Prices for each product are open (no manufacturer recommended price set)
※ Information given in this article regarding products and campaigns are as of February 2016.

【RICOH Imaging Square GINZA】

Address:8th & 9th floor, Sanai Dream Center, 5-7-2 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo(Reception desk on the 9th floor)
Business Hours:11:00-19:00
Accepted Cards:American Express/JCB/Master/VISA/UnionPay
Services available in:Japanese, Chinese and English