“Hankyu Umeda Main Store”; a department store promoting the latest fashion trends for all the quality-conscious women:Part 3

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“Hankyu Umeda Main Store” is a department store with one of the largest floor space among other Japanese department stores. The store is located at the very heart of Osaka central area; only a few steps away from Osaka station, and it is widely known as a hip place where you can always find the latest fashion trend for women. In the store, there are wide varieties of luxury designers’ fashion brands shops as well making it a must-visit store to get to know the newest fashion trends in the world. What’s more, the department store carries many kinds of fine quality sweets and makeup products as well, and therefore it is a good place to look for gifts for someone special. In this article, we will introduce you some of the shops in the department store that are especially recommended for the coming spring and summer seasons.

B1F,B2F: Sweets

On the first and second floors of the basement, varieties of worldwide famous fine gourmet including various sweets are displayed for sale.

【HAPPY Turn’s】
A concept store for “HAPPY Turn’s”. HAPPY Turn’s are snack covered with powdered sugar called happy powder also known as “magic powder”. Literally, this powder has a magic to make everyone happy. In this store, you can purchase various kinds of flavors including maccha and caramel.

In this shop, they only use the selected made-in-Japan ingredients offering sweets that are not only savory but are also “good for health”. In addition, they are keen on offering specific sweets in specific seasons. A hot pick for this season is “sakura-mochi (rice cake with bean paste inside wrapped in a cherry leaves pickled in salt)”. It is beautiful and also delicious.

This is a shop that continues to offer some of the most well-known sweets in Japan including the famous “Sugar Butter Tree” and “Tokyo Banana”; one of the most popular souvenirs from Tokyo. In this specific store, you got to buy “Lemonase” that are only available here. They are delightful treats with savory lemon flavored white chocolate sandwiched in-between delicate langues de Chat cookies. The flavor of lemon is very refreshing and you won’t find any sweets like this very often.

1F:Ladies Fashion Goods

On the first floor of the department store, you will find an extensive selection of trendy fashion accessories including jewelries, hats, wallets, handkerchiefs and perfumes.

【Burberry Beauty Box】
This “Burberry” store that only sells the brand’s makeup products opened in September 2015 with the concept of “gift”. This is the only location in west Japan offering beauty items and fashion accessories. Step inside the store, and you will be surrounded by hip atmosphere and products such as makeup cases with the famous Burberry tartan check printed on covers. With their products, you can enjoy makeup in the same way you enjoy fashion.


The second floor of the store is also filled with a huge lineup of makeup products, which is in fact one of the largest selection in Kansai. In the spacious and grand floor, you will get to check out your favorite items without hassle. The spacious and cozy corner called “beauty studio” showcases the selected hottest items. This is the destination to look for if you do not have much time or if you want to compare various products.

3F,5F:International designers’ fashion

On the third and fifth floors, there are shops of internationally known high-brands. Among other things, Hankyu Umeda Main store is especially proud of their one of the highest numbers of luxurious brands available and also of the largest floor space for such shops. Especially, the third floor known as “mode floor” was just opened anew on March 2nd this year. On this floor, you will find numerous exclusive fashion brands offering the latest trends and the hottest fashion.

What’s more, in the store there are shops of apparel brands that are popular in Japan also. If you are looking for fine-quality high-fashion, this is a highly recommended place to go to. The store also offers convenient services for their international customers including free Wi-Fi and tax-free shopping experience.

【Hankyu Umeda Main Store】

Address:8-7, Kakuda-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
Business hours:Sun.–Thu. 10:00-20:00, Fri.&Sat. 10:00–21:00 (The business hours may vary.)
Closed:January 1
Credit cards accepted:American Express, Diners, JCB, MasterCard, Visa, UnionPay