Right at the center of Tokyo! “Mitsui Garden Hotel Yotsuya” with a great location.

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“Mitsui Garden Hotel” is one of the chain hotels in Japan offering comfortable rooms and services all across the country. Today, we will introduce you their location in Yotsuya, Tokyo.

What is the most notable about this location is its convenient access to major stations in Tokyo.

First of all, the hotel is only 3 minutes’ walk to JR Yotsuya station and Tokyo Metro Yotsuya station. From Yotsuya station, you can get to the famous Akihabara and Nakano areas without transferring trains. If you take Marunouchi line or Nanboku line on Tokyo Metro, you can go to Ginza station or Meguro station as well. Or, if you want to go to Shinjuku, the area packed with large shopping facilities, delicious ramen shops and izakaya, it is only 7 minutes’ ride on Marunouchi line on Tokyo Metro.
What’s more, if your destination is the Tokyo Dome/LaQua, which is famous for the amusement park and hot spring facility, it is only about 6 minutes’ ride on Tokyo Metro Nanboku line (Korakuen station).

The concept of the hotel is “relaxing as if in the woods”. Every process involved in the project of completing the hotel including its planning, designing and construction was carried out with female staff at the center. As a result, what came out is the exclusive relaxing space that is elegantly stylish and well practical at the same time.

In the hotel, there is a female only floor too. In the rooms on this floor, there are facial steamers and facial beauty items on the desks available for guests.In addition, each room is equipped with a high-function hair drier and an air purifier with humidifier for guests to maintain their beautiful hair and skin during their stay at the hotel. These are only a few examples of the services and facilities offered for female guests.

Lastly, in October last year (2015), the restaurant called “G7 CRAFT BEER HIGH BALL” opened on the basement floor of the hotel building. Here, you can enjoy carefully selected craft beer and casual and delicious dining. Everything is reasonably priced so it is a good place for dinner as well. On weekdays and Saturdays, they are open until 3am.

Make this hotel your home during the trip, and enjoy exploring Tokyo.

【Mitsui Garden Hotel Yotsuya】

Address:1-24, Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo