Create a contoured eye-look with 「KATE」 DESIGNING EYEBROW N !

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Makeup brand KATE is very popular among Japanese women. It is the leading brand in terms of sales in Japan’s makeup market※. 「DESIGNING EYEBROW N」 is one of this brands popular products. The main feature of this product is that you can create cool-looking eyebrow to achieve deep-set eyes.
※INTAGE SRI/Sales quantity from January 2006~December 2015/ Makeup market in Japan

This product contains 3 shades of powder eyebrow “ Dark, Medium, and, Light” and contains an applicator brush.

Here’s how to use it in 3 steps.
First, using shade B, draw the brow shade line under your eyebrow.

Next, mix shades A and B, draw the entire eyebrow.

Finally, blend colour C with the skin tone while extending it to the top of the bridge of the nose to add contour to the nose.

Not only does it bring the eyes and eyebrows closer, this product achieves a natural contoured look by darkening the top of the eyebrows and defining the bridge of the nose. Your face will appear to be deeper-set with a defined nose line.
This product is available in 2 color palette, light brown and brown.
Why don’t you get one for yourself or a gift for your friends?