Hot Denim items for early summer from 「109MEN’S」Shibuya !

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Hanami season is over in Tokyo and we are now heading into summer. This time of the year it’s too cold to wear a T-shirt on it`s own but a pullover or sweat shirt is too chunky and wintery. It helps to own a good denim jacket for casual wear.

You can wear a denim jacket over your T shirt and it looks cool if you pair it with light colours. But be careful, make the wrong choice and it can look lame. Picking the right design is the key to success! We had 「DOWBL」guide us in selecting the best denim items. 「DOWBL」 is located on the 7 th Floor of「109 MEN’S」Shibuya. 「109 MEN’S」showcases a wide variety of men’s fashion shops.

▼DOWBL Recommended item ①
It`s easy to put on and you can express individuality without looking like you try too hard. Layer it over a T shirt. You can look wild and at the same time sophisticated.
(product name: Western denim shirt, 12,960JPY)

▼DOWBL Recommended item ②
The entire jacket is studded. This denim jacket will make you stand out. It`s made of a fairly thin denim so it`s just right for the season. The longer you wear it, the nicer it wears.
(product name: Studs denim Jacket, 23,760JPY)

「DOWBL」 showcases a wide range of items in addition to denim. Their items are just right for a real man. Next time you`re in the Shibuya area why not go check it out?
※Items shown above are as of Apr. 2016. Prices may vary and stock is limited and sub-ject to date of visit.

There are so many more summer items sold at「109MEN’S」 right now. 29 of the shops are duty free. Why not explore 109 MEN'S and pick up your favorite items today?


Address:1-23-10 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo