Introducing the must buy shirts for Summer in Shibuya 「109 MEN’S」

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If you have ever spent time in Tokyo during the Summer, you know, the humidity makes it feel way hotter than it actually is. But that being said, it`s no excuse to dress lame. You`ve got to dress like a real man.

So what can you wear if you want to look good through the hot Summer? 「109 MEN’S」has the answer. If you are a faithful reader, you already know about 「109 MEN’S」 useful style tips on fashion. 「109 MEN’S」 fashion complex is located right in Shibuya Tokyo and it showcases all the latest fashion items. The 4th floor`s 「GOSTAR DE FUGA」 will offer you coordination advice this time.

「GOSTAR DE FUGA」’s concept is stylish and smart. Their items are designed simply and with character.

▼GOSTAR DE FUGA Recommended item ①
This three quarter sleeve shirt has a nice silhouette, and looks breezy. The fabric is high quality linen so it absorbs water and dries quickly. It’s sewn in Japan so you know you can trust the quality. They also offer pink and light green colours in addition to the colour shown in the photo below.

(product name: Flanders linen shirt, 8,532JPY)

▼GOSTAR DE FUGA Recommended item ②
With simple t-shirts you`ve got to stand out with the pattern. This item is knitted in a jacquard pattern. A fresh fabric choice. It`s not just the look, this fabric is comfortable and stays dry. Perfect for this season. This T shirt comes in black as well as white.

(product name: Pile jacquard tees , 7,452JPY)

「GOSTAR DE FUGA」 welcomes you with a wide range of new items for Summer. If you are in the area why don’t you stop by and check it out.
※Items shown above are as of June 2016. Prices may vary and stock is limited and sub-ject to date of visit.

In addition, 「109 MEN’S」is showcasing a variety of summer items. 30 shops are Duty free! We`re sure you can find a new favourite item for yourself.


Address:1-23-10 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo