Looking for useful souvenirs? Ichinen Chemicals has what you need!

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Japanese companies are known to spend years cultivating new technology in order to bring us new and useful products. Ichinen Chemicals is one of such companies. From industrial goods to car’s chemicals, they've used their knowledge to develop a diverse range of products that meet the needs of consumers. Here are a few of their products.

From the popular “KLINVIEW” series, we’d like to first introduce you their extremely useful Car’s interior Multi Cleaner. This single product with Anti-bacterial, cleaning, and deodorizing effects can clean car’s seats and remove tobacco stains, fingerprint, etc. It also cleans windows and mirrors at home.

Megane KLINVIEW is the go-to cleaner for many Japanese glasses wearers. The Megane KLINVIEW Anti-Fog Cleaner Sheets both remove fingerprints and sebum stain from glasses as well as prevent fogging with a quick, gentle wipe. Great for keeping glasses fog-free, especially when wearing a face mask, etc. You can also use them to clean the screen of your cell phone. (Note: Not for use on TV or computer screens.)

※Cannot be used on certain items such as diving goggles, acrylic sunglass lenses, etc.

You never know when you might need an anti-fog cleaner on the go. Megane KLINVIEW’s slim, compact bottle of rub-on cleaner is easy to carry around, and it’s just as effective as the sheets!

※Cannot be used on certain items such as diving goggles, acrylic sunglass lenses, etc.

Put a smile on the faces of your friends and family members back home with one of these handy Japanese products.