Hot summer items from Osaka’s trendsetting Hankyu Umeda Main Store: Part 4

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In the heart of Osaka's city center, Umeda, you'll find the impressive Hankyu Umeda Main Store. Housing many of the world's finest brands, it serves as an invaluable resource for fashion-conscious women hoping to keep up with the latest crazes. Through this media, we hope to give you a sneak peek into the latest trend developments of the upcoming season. Here are some of the items Hankyu Umeda Main Store is carrying in preparation for this summer.


From the wide selection of premium gourmet and sweets from around the world available on the basement floors, we’d like to start off with the introductions of the following three shops.

A Hiroshima-originating shop known for their innovative Japanese-style sweets using seasonal fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains in ways you’ve never seen before. In summer, their “Muscat Grape Bite-Sized Delights” are particularly popular. These grapes wrapped in a layer of soft gyuhi, a kind of rice cake, are reminiscent of Turkish delight.

【Okashidokoro Seifuan】
A popular traditional Japanese sweets shop hailing from Okayama. Refresh yourself on a hot summer day with a Kiyomizu White Peach Jelly—you’ll be glad that you did!

【Fruiterie Kabo BY FRUITS-J】
Fruit-based desserts with a Japanese flare. Kabo’s original “Kujare” features a new, chewy texture you wouldn’t expect to find with fruit. Their “Kan-no-mi Mitsumame,” which contains Tamba black beans, is also extremely popular.


Hankyu Umeda Main Store prides itself in its cosmetics floor—it's the largest in the Kansai region! Here are 3 outstanding products you can find there.

【MiMC/Mineral Essence Moisture】
An all-in-one foundation that acts as a moisturizer, aging care essence, base make-up, foundation, and pressed powder; it offers UV protection, too! Keep your skin vibrant, supple, and youthful with this must-have item.

【RMK/Lip care color UV stick】
Hoping to keep your lips in good shape this summer? Look no farther than this sheer, moisturizing, UV ray-blocking lipstick! It will leave your lips soft, smooth, and well hydrated while adding a natural touch of colour.

【Addiction/Skin protector for face and body】
This product spreads smoothly and evenly over your skin, leaving it hydrated but not sticky. A sunscreen that moisturizes while protecting your skin? What more could you want!

【Addiction/ Tinted lip protector+more】
A dual-purpose lip/cheek tint that comes in a variety of fun summer colours! Protect your skin from both damaging UV rays and dryness, and add a vibrant pop of colour to your face.


This floor offers a wide variety of high-quality traditional clothing items, such as kimonos, and accessories. Around this time of year, the focus changes to the popular summer kimonos known as "yukata." Here are some fantastic finds that will help you complete your summer look!

Your traditional summer outfit just wouldn't be complete without a fan, and Maisendo has what you need. With a variety of beautiful, delicate designs, their popularity is on the rise with no end in sight!

The yukata is a traditional garment that has held onto its popularity extremely well, right through to the current era. This year, it looks like tropical designs will be in! How cute!

【Ginza Zenya】
Don't miss the exquisitely patterned parasols from the popular umbrella brand, Ginza Zenya. Shade yourself from the sun in style!

There’s an abundance of other summer items to be found here as well. If you’re in the Osaka area, pop over to Hankyu Umeda Main Store to see more of the coming summer trends with your own eyes!

【Hankyu Umeda Main Store】

Address:8-7, Kakuda-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
Business hours:Sun.–Thu. 10:00-20:00, Fri.&Sat. 10:00–21:00 (The business hours may vary.)
Closed:January 1
Credit cards accepted:American Express, Diners, JCB, MasterCard, Visa, UnionPay