For a limited time only! Enjoy yelo. shaved ice at Printemps Ginza!

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Roppongi, Tokyo’s famous shaved ice shop, KAKIGORI CAFE&BAR yelo., will be operating a pop-up shop out of the B2F of Printemps Ginza for a limited time only!
You have until August 31, 2016 to check it out.

The Printemps Ginza menu will consist of six flavours: tiramisu, strawberry milk, organic carrot & mascarpone, avocado & mascarpone, matcha, and tricolor (available only at Printemps Ginza).

Printemps Ginza’s original flavour: Tricolor (901 yen).

Three colours. Three flavours. A unique mixture of mint, white peach, and red wine that is sure to appeal to those with a refined sense of taste.

The rumors were true, let me tell you. This ice is so fluffy it melts in your mouth instantaneously. The milk-based sauces blended with the syrups exceptionally. And volume-wise, while it may look like a challenge to finish, I can assure you mine was devoured in no time at all.

The most popular flavour : Tiramisu (801 yen).

An aroma unlike what you’d expect! It’s comprised of shaved ice, milk, mascarpone sauce, and cocoa powder.

Enough syrup to satisfy your taste buds no matter where you take a bite from!

The shop’s low profile—in comparison to the Roppongi shop, anyways—means shorter lines and a shorter wait. Seating is also available in-store, so head to the Ginza shop while you still can!

【yelo. Printemps Ginza】

Address:Printemps Ginza B2F, 3-2-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Business Hours: Sunday-Thursday 11:00-20:00, Friday/Saturday 11:00-21:00
Access:4-minute walk from the JR Yamanote Line’s Yurakucho Station (Central Exit)
※Only open until August 31, 2016

Writer:Kenji Nishiyama - Ginza de Lunch
In addition to running an IT consulting firm, I spend my lunch hours scouring the nearby Ginza area for the best places to eat. Over the past several years, I've enjoyed taking in the ever-changing Ginza landscape while reporting on everything from luxurious 5-star restaurants, to old, family-run eateries.