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Many tourists love shopping at electronics and home appliances retail stores when in Japan. With all the latest, cutting-edge products lined up before you, merely walking around one of these shops can be enough to make your jaw drop and your hand reach for your wallet instinctively. Japanese electronics retail stores tend to offer more than you'd expect, such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, daily necessities, and sometimes even luxury brand items! If it's on any list of "Top 5 Things You Want to Buy in Japan," odds are they sell it. These stores are highly competitive with each other, so it's important to compare prices and services offered to find the best deals before making your purchases. As luck may have it, we have some info for you that will save you a great deal! Use your JCB card and get JCB's special 5% discount in addition to the 8% tax-free discount. That’s 13% off your total!

This campaign is valid until March 31, 2017, and all JCB cards issued outside Japan are eligible for the tax-free 8% + JCB special 5% discount. You must pay with your JCB card to receive the discount. Check the website below for a list of participating tax-free electronics and home appliances stores; you’re sure to find at least a few no matter which part of the country you’re visiting.

There’s also a handy, free app that points you in the direction of shops offering special discounts to JCB card users: the JCB Japan Guide app. Its easy-to-navigate map displays shops that accept payment by JCB card, shops that offer special JCB discounts, as well as must-see tourist attractions. As the app is constantly upgraded to make it more user-friendly and user-beneficial, its popularity continues to rise! The JCB Japan Guide app will support you by helping you make the most of your time here. Check out the link below to download it and see for yourself!

Also, you’ll want to check out the amusing blog of handsome Tony Jay. The blog follows him on his leisurely travels around Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto's most exquisite sightseeing spots, while supplying useful information on free Wi-Fi spots, special JCB member campaigns, and other helpful tips. Just type "Hello! Japan JCB" into your search engine.

A credit card is a travel essential, but it can be more than just a means of payment. By taking advantage of all the discounts and services your credit card company has to offer, you can make your trip more worthwhile. We recommend doing your research before you travel to save time. For more info on JCB's campaigns, you can check out the link below. Happy travels!