Lawson’s Bittersweet Coffee Whipped Cream Bran Bread – A conbini sweets report

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【Bittersweet Coffee Whipped Cream Bran Bread】

Available at:Lawson
Price:150 yen (Tax incl.)
Sale date:July 26, 2016
Calories:173 kcal

This delight is a part of Lawson's bran bread series. Bran, the hard, outer layer of whole cereal grains like oats, wheat, rice, etc., is rich in dietary fiber, iron, calcium, magnesium, and more. Not only that, but this series is low in sugar, low in calories, and uses honey as sweetener, making it a popular choice among the health conscious.

This time I tried coffee flavour. I found its round appearance to be rather cute.

Cutting it in half, I found the cream to be in two layers: rich, bittersweet coffee cream on the bottom and coffee-flavoured whipped cream on top. Coffee extract had even been added to the dough!

The whipped cream’s subtle sweetness paired with the richness of the coffee cream undoubtedly well! And the bran bread’s simple, yet pleasant, flavour was amplified with every bite. This treat had impeccable balance.

For reference, a regular slice of white bread from a 6-slice loaf (60 g) has approx. 26 g of sugar, whereas this product has only 11.5 g of sugar! Spread the word: this may be the perfect occasional snack for anyone you know struggling with a diet.

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