Get a fashionable Yukata at 「109MEN’S」 Shibuya.

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Summer is the season for festivals and fireworks in Japan. If you`ve had a chance to go to events in Japan, you have seen Japanese people wearing 「Yukatas」.

Yukatas are Japanese traditional summer clothes which are worn after having a bath at night. In other words, they`re Pajamas. Recently Yukatas are very popular among the young and fashionable who dress according to the seasons. That being said, if you choose poorly, you can end up looking like a middle aged man since Yukatas are traditional Japanese clothes. Do you want to look cool in designer clothes? Why not purchase a trendy Yukata at 「109MEN’S」? Many of this website`s readers already know about 「109MEN’S」 Shibuya and right now they are having a Yukata fair called 「TOKYO YUKATA ALL STARS」. The shop staff who are representing 8 different brands will give you personal advice on choosing the right Yukata for you.

Below are just a few items we recommend from the shops.

▼Must buy Yukata from VANQUISH(3F)

It’s light and cool. Such a nice feeling fabric. The Obi belt is very easy to put on and take off because it is a one-touch system belt which uses grey coloured velcro.

5-piece set (Yukata, Obi belt, fan, Kinchaku bag and Setta sandals): 13,500 JPY

▼Must buy Yukata from JIGGYS SHOP(4F)

This Yukata was produced by a Kimono shop in Kyoto and they used COOLMAX® fabric. This fabric pulls moisture away from the body to keep the wearer cool and dry. It`s affordable as well.

5-piece set (Yukata, Obi belt, fan, Shingen bag and Geta sandals): 5,990 JPY

▼Must buy Yukata from VICE FAIRY(6F)

This set comes with a one-touch Obi belt and a normal Obi belt. You can choose whichever you like, and it’s easy to put on. Another good point is that you can put wallets or phones in the pocket and sleeves.

Yukata Black cloud: 14,904 JPY

※Items shown above are as of August 2016. Prices may vary and stock is limited and sub-ject to date of visit.

Other than the shops we featured in this article you will find helpful shop staff from 「TOKYO YUKATA ALLSTARS」in CIVARIZE (5F), FUGA(6F), FAKEOUT(6F), Black by VANQUISH(6F), and DIVINER(7F) as well.
I’m convinced that you can find a Yukata that`s just right for you at 「109MEN’S」this summer. Have fun shopping!


Address:1-23-10 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo