Lawson’s Mochi shokkan (Chewy like Mochi) roll cake (Uji Matcha flavour)– A conbini sweets report

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Mochi shokkan roll cake (Uji Matcha flavour)

Available at:Lawson
Price:295 yen (Tax incl.)
Sale date:August 16, 2016
Calories:577 kcal

This is a Matcha flavoured version of the popular Mochi shokkan roll cake sold by Lawson Convenience store. This cake is known for it`s good texture compared to other rolled cakes.
Uji matcha(high quality Matcha from Kyoto) was used in this cake so my expectations were high.

I took the plastic label off. I’ve never seen a tray with a green lid. Usually they use clear lids.Could it be because it`s Matcha?

Yes! A vividly coloured roll cake with plenty of cream in it. It’s already cut into 6 pieces.
Use a knife or a folk to get it out.

Inside was Ogura whipped cream. Ogura is a kind of red bean used for Japanese Wagashi (confectionary). The cream is whipped well so I hardly saw the red beans inside, but I could taste the flavour of the red beans. I noticed the red beans accentuated the taste of the smooth whipped cream.

The cake was slightly bitter from the matcha powder. I felt as if I was eating Wagashi like chewy Daifuku. Hmm…it had an exquisite aroma to it and I couldn’t stop eating it. I could even share this dessert with someone because it’s a lot to eat by myself.

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