Clay masks are super popular! Remove blackheads, rough surface skin and dullness caused by old keratin using the power of minerals!

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This is the season when our delicate faces are exposed to too much heat causing sebum to over secrete. Clay masks are designed to save those having troubles with clogged pores and oily skin. Certain kinds of clays and muds have absorptive properties. These properties absorb excess oil or waste product from our faces. Another lovely feature of clay power is that it removes old keratin including melanin pigment. Don’t worry! You can buy clay products at drug stores. In August 「TSURURI」 brand commenced the sales of 2 products. They`re already being talked about by beauty connoisseurs.

「TSURURI MILD SEA CLAY PACK」, is good for sensitive skin and dry skin. This product uses Okinawa Sea clay while absorbing waste matter and keratin. It leaves your skin fresh and hydrated.

Another option is 「TSURURI GHASSOUL CLAY PACK」. It is good for normal and oily skin. It`s main ingredient is the Moroccan lava clay called ghassoul. While absorbing waste matter and keratin it leaves your skin light and refreshed.

With both products, you only need to apply it to your face and leave it for about 3 minutes then rinse. Use 2~3 times per week. Easy peasy. When you have a chance to go to the drug store in Japan, check out these products.

price(inc. tax):¥1,296 each/150g/BCL