Seven Eleven’s Wa (Japanese style) Parfait with sweet potato and Hojicha– A conbini sweets report

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Wa(Japanese style) Parfait with sweet potato and Hojicha / (お芋とほうじ茶の和ぱふぇ)

Available at:Seven Eleven
Price:298 yen (Tax incl.)
Sale date:August23, 2016
Calories:297 kcal

This is a sweet potato Japanese style sweet. You know it`s Autumn in Japan when sweet potatoes come out. Hojicha is a kind of green tea. Instead of being steamed, the green tea leaves are roasted. That makes Hojicha. It has a nice, roasted, caramel-like flavour to it.

It’s really pretty to see yellow and purple together. Inside was whipped sweet potato puree which looked like a Mont Blanc dessert, whipped purple sweet potato puree, sweet potato compote, and Shiratama (Mochi). The bottom layer was Hojicha mousse.

Shiratama is a Japanese rice-flour dumpling. It’s chewy and tasty. I loved it!

There are 2 kinds of whipped sweet potato puree. Their tastes vary as well as their colours.

The purple coloured puree had a more natural flavour. It wasn’t too sweet and it was rich in flavour even though there wasn’t much of it inside.

On the bottom there was a Hojicha mousse layer. It was very creamy and not too sweet. I enjoyed the slight bitterness and nice roasted caramel-like flavour !

On the very bottom I found agar-agar jelly. It gave the parfait some nice jelly-like texture. I was satisfied with the generous portion!

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