Seria’s 2016 Halloween lineup – A report on awesome yet affordable items

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Who doesn’t want awesome yet affordable stuff!? If you love a good deal, keep reading this article—it’s for you! I will keep you updated on all the best finds from a variety of Japan’s popular 100 yen and 300 yen shops!

Halloween Items

Price:100 yen each (Tax excl.)

Seria is one of Japan’s leading 100 yen shops with over 1,300 locations across the country. Aside from their private brand, they also sell a large number of made-in-Japan items.

Seria, Halloween Items

Today I was on the hunt for Halloween goods! Believe it or not, they’ve already been on the shelves since mid-August! I was excited to find that this year’s lineup featured a wider selection of items compared to previous years, but this made it harder to narrow my list down to only a few items. For now, here are my top 3 choices!

Seria, Halloween Items

This spider basket was at the top of my wish list. It came in either black or white, but I couldn’t decide and ended up with one of each!

Seria, Spider basket, black
Seria, Spider basket, black and white

The design is cute enough to be used all year round.

Seria, White pumpkin

Next up is this cute little white pumpkin. The colour was a breath of fresh air amoungst the classic orange pumpkins, so I bought six!

Their simplicity makes them the perfect addition to a wide variety of arrangements!

Seria, Medium-density fiberboard “Halloween” decoration.
Seria, Medium-density fiberboard “Halloween” decoration.

And last on the list is this medium-density fiberboard “Halloween” decoration. While this item is released every year, this year the font was changed to look a little spookier! OoooooOooo!

Seria, Halloween Items.

And that is why this year I went along with the monotone theme. All I did was put everything in the basket and voila! Now where shall I display them? (^ ^)

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