Featuring ninja and samurai experiences, the latest on shopping in Nagoya, and local cuisine!

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Hello, this is Yamamoto, editor of September’s Good Luck Trip CHUBU issue.。

This month’s cover story is "Ninja, Samurai, and Castles!" We’ve compiled an exciting list of related activities and experiences that we’re sure will strike your fancy. The issue will also introduce Nagoya Castle, shopping areas around Nagoya Station, local cuisine such as Nagoya meshi, and much much more!

・Ninja Museum of Igaryu
・Nagoya Castle
・Historic Village of Shirakawa-go
・Suzuka Circuit

Suzuka Circuit
Nagoya Castle

The second feature will advise you on where to go in the Toyohashi, Gamagori, and Okazaki areas, the best fall/winter sightseeing spots and events, local cuisine, and souvenir recommendations.

『Good Luck Trip 中部』九月號

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