Featuring delectable cuisine from Western Japan, a Kansai event calendar, and info about travelling by train through Saga!

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Hello, this is Imai, editor of September’s Good Luck Trip KANSAI issue.

This month’s cover story, titled “Delectable cuisine from Western Japan,” will tell you all you need to know about eating in Kansai. Looking for the best place to indulge in Osaka’s famous okonomiyaki, Kyoto’s matcha sweets, or some Kobe beef? You won’t want to miss this issue. We'll also introduce spots where you can enjoy sightseeing as well as eating out, souvenirs, and more. Oh, and since autumn leaves viewing season is almost upon us, we've also included some info on the best local fall events!

・Osaka Loop Line
・Nara Park
・Hikone Castle

The 8-page second feature is titled “Must visit tourist sites along the JR Kusatsu Line.” The Kusatsu Line will take you to Iga from Kyoto via Kusatsu. There's plenty to see along the line, as well: old mansions, ninjas, sake breweries, and much more!

“Travelling along the JR Kosei Line” is the 8-page third feature. The JR Kosei Line, which runs along Lake Biwa, has more to offer than just outstanding scenery, however. There are countless spots for you to enjoy lake activities, good food, and more. We've compiled a list of things to see and do at each station to give you some ideas!

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