Discover the wonders of Shiga! Experience sports, subcultures, history, and more! [Good Luck Trip]

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Hello, this is Shimizu, editor of the 2017-2018 Good Luck Trip SHIGA issue.

This month’s cover story, titled “Discover the wonders of Shiga,” is filled with a wealth of exciting information on activities to try around Lake Biwa (such as cycling and fruit picking), manga and anime inspired pilgrimages, becoming a ninja for a day, traditional Japanese sweets workshops, and so much more! Take a 10-min train ride from Kyoto and you’ll find yourself in the historic city of Shiga where there are wonders aplenty to discover!

  • Enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Lake Biwa (Biwako Valley)
  • Pick and eat fresh bright red strawberries at Kafuka Strawberry Farm
  • Visit Omi Jingu Shrine, from the manga “Chihayafuru,” and try on a hakama (traditional clothing)
  • Become a ninja for a day at Koga-no-Sato Ninja Village
  • Try making your own handmade traditional Japanese sweets at Kanou Shoujuan Sunai no Sato

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