“Chifure Moisture Gel” is all you need after washing your face! It’s a multifunctional gel which provides all-in-one facial care!

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Washing your face thoroughly and putting on make-up is already time consuming. Even though I don’t want to let my skin go, it’s bothersome to care for my skin by applying many products, such as, face lotion, beauty serum and so on…

If you are caught in the dilemma of a busy life style and maintaining a good skin care routine, “Chifure Moisture Gel” is all you need. This product has 6 properties. It's a facial lotion, beauty serum, milky lotion, cream, facial mask and make-up foundation rolled into one. In Japan, many other companies produce all-in-one gels, but “Chifure Moisture Gel” has become very popular for its all inclusive functionality. In the morning you can skip the many steps of complicated skin care after washing your face and apply makeup right away. At night, you can use this product as a reliable skin care regime.

It is extremely soothing to the skin as well! It contains 4 moisturizing components: “hyaluronic acid”, “hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid”, “trehalose” and “Scutellaria root extract”. I can tell you these ingredients do wonderful things for your face. They deeply moisturize and soften your skin without leaving it feeling sticky. It feels so good when you apply it. Last but not least, this product is only ¥800! Super reasonable isn’t it? If it’s good and reasonable, you never have to worry about using generous amounts on your skin. I can see why many visitors to Japan buy tons of this product to take home.

Chifure Moisture Gel

108g ¥800 (excl. tax)
Refill  ¥700 (excl. tax)

The gel is sold in drugstores, supermarkets and department stores all over Japan, so check it out.