Are you interested in cycling the Shimanami Kaido highway? Go to “Aeon Imabari Shintoshi” and rent a bike!

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We have featured the “Aeon Malls” mega shopping complexes a few times on our website. Each complex has a large selection of speciality shops. You can find “almost everything in one location”.

There are 146 branches of “Aeon Malls” in Japan (as of September 2016). This time we’re featuring “Aeon Mall Imabari Shintoshi” which just opened in April of 2016.

This Aeon is in Imabari city in Ehime prefecture. From the photos below you can find out where in Japan “Aeon Imabari Shintoshi” is roughly located.

Ehime prefecture in Shikoku island is famous for “Dougo Onsen” which is known as the oldest hot spring in Japan. The hot spring is located in Matsuyama city. Here you can enjoy seeing classic style trains still in operation and the aesthetically pleasing “Matsuyama castle”.
If you take an hour-long train ride Northeast you will arrive in “Imabari city”. In Imabari city you can buy high quality MADE IN JAPAN towels.
They are also known for really good Yakitori (skewered grilled chicken).
Recently, cycling the “Shimanami Kaido” highway has become the newest attraction for tourists. The Shimanami Kaido highway links Imabari city with Onomichi city in Hiroshima. It’s a scenic, bicycle friendly 70 KM route with roads and bridges crossing the ocean.

You can start or end your cycling trip at “Aeon Mall Imabari Shintoshi” which is only 1.4KM from the highway exit “Imabari IC”.

Like other Aeon malls, this complex has a large selection of shops specializing in electric appliances, medicine, cosmetics, popular fashion brands and restaurants. They also offer special local items only available there.

On the first floor of the complex you will find the “Tourist Information Centre IMABARI” where you can collect useful information on “Shimanami Kaido”, “Imabari castle”, and “Nibukawa Keikoku hot springs”. Additionally, they offer a rental bike service in this mall which is rarely found in other malls in Japan.

【Tourist Information Center IMABARI】
Address:Section1033, 1F Aeon Mall Imabari Shintoshi

(1)Tourist information about Imabari city, Shimanami Kaido and other places of interest.
(2)Hospitality for cyclists.
・Renting bicycle pumps and tools
・Showers (for a fee)
*Please bring your own shampoo, soap, and towel.
(3)Bicycle rentals
A fee and deposit are taken upon the rental of a bicycle. Deposit returned upon return of bicycle.
▼Rental Fees:Adult (over 13) ¥1,000 / Children (under 13) ¥300
▼Deposit:Adult (over 13) ¥1,000 / Children (under 13) ¥500
*Bicycles must not be abandoned.
*Please pick up and drop off bicycles during regular business hours. Please note: If you fail to return a bicycle or you return it late, your deposit will not be returned.

If you are planning to go to Imabari city or if you are interested in cycling the beautiful and scenic Shimanami Kaido, make use of “Aeon Mall Imabari Shintoshi”.

[Aeon Mall Imabari Shintoshi]

Address:1-1 Nigiwai Hiroba Imabari City Ehime Prefecture
Business Hours:Speciality Shops 10:00-21:00 / Restaurants 10:00-22:00
Aeon style Imabari Shintoshi 1F 8:00-22:00 (except Drug Store)
Aeon style Imabari Shintoshi 1F Drug Store 9:00-22:00
*Please note that there are shops to which this time schedule doesn’t apply.
Closed:Open 365 days *Please note that there are exceptions such as natural disasters or store renovations.
Accepted credit cards:American Express/Diners/JCB/Visa
Service for visitors from overseas:Free Wi-Fi, ATM, Tax-Free shops(Applies to some shops)