Seven Eleven’s “Cafe mocha flavour in” the roll cake! – A conbini sweets report

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“Cafe mocha flavour in” the roll cake!

Matcha chocolate old fashion donut

Available at:Seven Eleven
Price:210 yen (Tax incl.)
Sale date:September 27, 2016
Calories:235 kcal

Seven Eleven has released a Cafe mocha flavoured roll cake!
Cafe mocha is a drink where espresso is mixed with milk and chocolate syrup.

Even if you’re someone who doesn’t like coffee you’ll enjoy this cake because it’s so chocolatey. When it’s cold outside I love to have a drink of warm cafe mocha. And now I found out that Seven Eleven captured the taste of cafe mocha in a roll cake! This has got to be delicious!

Looks fancy!
The roll cake was decorated with chocolate and crushed almonds just like a Cafe Mocha.

The smell of coffee is so nice! The sponge cake was bitter, sweet and fluffy and moist.

The cafe mocha cream wasn’t too sweet and it had just the right amount of bitterness to it. It melted in my mouth. I enjoyed the sponge and the cream together but with the chocolate topping and crushed almonds, it was on another level.

The sweetness of chocolate matched perfectly with the bitterness from the coffee. It has a grown-up taste.

I almost felt like I was having a break at a trendy cafe. Don’t miss this lovely dessert.