Introducing men’s necklaces highly recommended by a popular jewelry shop!

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Fall has come. Now that it’s colder, there must be many men out there wishing to get fashionable utilizing their jackets and parkas. Think about it again, though. Didn’t you choose a similar coordination last year too? In this article, we would like to tell you about men’s “necklaces” that will improve men’s fashion drastically.

In general, necklaces are considered to be a fashion item for those who are fashion gurus. That’s because if you wear a necklace that’s lame, it will ruin everything else. On the other hand, though, if you wear a necklace with a good taste, that one item will improve your whole impression even if wearing the same clothes as usual. That said, if you want to look for a necklace that will improve your fashion sense, let’s head to our famous “109 MEN’S”! You can look for necklaces in other clothes shops too, but this time we will ask the accessory specialty store, “BLESS” (on the 6th floor) about their recommended items.

“BLESS” is a shop carrying various accessories that are fashionable and at the same time refined. The shop was named “BLESS” after the literal English word, “bless” with the wish to hope their customers to wear their “accessories” not only as mere jewelries, but also as something meaningful that will make you feel “blessed”.

Now, we will tell you about their 3 recommended items.

▼BLESS Recommended item(1)

A high quality item of vibrant and lively feather design with a technique of metal-carvings on both sides. The material used, stainless, is said to be unsuited for complicated design like this as it is extraordinary hard. The eagle mark made with a flat-casting technique accentuates the whole design.

Item #:BSN-253
Sales Price (with tax):¥15,109

▼BLESS Recommended item(2)

A fishhook shaped golden color jewelry with a wish “to fish happiness and not to drop it”. There is also a silver version.

Item #:BSN-250
Sales Price (with tax):¥12,949

▼BLESS Recommended item(3)

A necklace made with Swallovski zilconia. Depending on which direction to be looked at, the color changes variously since the bottom of the triangle plate is what’s colored but not the stone itself. The golden-colored coating used for the stainless part, which looks similar to 14K, highlights the colors of the stone.

Item #:BSN-247
Sales Price (with tax):¥10,692

Other than the necklaces listed above, at “BLESS”, you can find many other highly-fashionable items including necklaces, rings and bracelets.

In addition, other shops in “109MEN’S” are also putting their new must-have fall and winter fashion items on their shelves all the time. So, if you are going to be in Shibuya area, please do check out “109MEN’S”!

※Items shown above are as of October 2016. Prices may vary and stock is limited and sub-ject to date of visit.


Address:1-23-10 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo